I’m Thankful For…

Let’s get straight to the point – 2016 has been an absolute horror show of a year. Between politics, the passing of incredible people, acts of terrorism and even the bloody weather, it’s really hard to find anything to be thankful for right now. 

So it is with joy that I can say, there is goodness still out there. 

On Saturday night, we pottered over to a friends for FriendsGiving. Everyone brings a dish, the wine is plentiful and it’s just a really good night.

Once the food had been devoured (seriously guys, I’m still so proud that we blasted through so much of it) we took a few moments to say what we were each thankful for. It was hard, I’ll admit it, and tears were shed. Not by me of course, my heart is made of coal. 

At the time, I reeled off a list of what I feel are the expected platitudes. I was thankful for friends and family – and I am but there’s more that I, for whatever reason, didn’t feel ok with confessing. So here is my list of what I’m thankful for in all its unabridged glory. 

1. Socks – yeah, you heard me. Naked feet FREAK ME OUT and naked feet in shoes is just URGH. So yeah, socks. For making my life just a little easier with their snuggly coverings and adorable prints. 

2. Dairy-free Milk – as someone who can’t handle the lactose, this is a godsend. The days of being bloated and farty are (mostly) gone! Also, when you think about it drinking cows milk is pretty grim and it contains pus, you guys. PUS.

3. Bobble Hats – Aside from saving me from inflicting some horrific bed hair on folks, hats provide a covering that makes me feel ok with being in public. That the bobbles are fun to wobble on your head is just a fun bonus. Bobble wobble.

4. Mittens – following from the above, aren’t mittens just the best? Snuggly warm and hours of fun pretending to have crab claws. Brilliant.

5. Horror – I looooove horror. If I could only watch/read one genre for the rest of my life, horror would be it. It weirdly helps me to shut off and relax, which is probably a sign of some kind of problem but meh. Thank you, writers, for getting up every day and trying to scare us. You rock.

Other things I’m thankful for, weirdly, include: Curtains, pencils, carpet, cats, dogs, headphones, sleeping pills, hot coffee and disposable income. 

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving and are stuffed to the gills with food!

Lates xx


2 thoughts on “I’m Thankful For…

  1. Natasha says:

    Bobble wobble may be my favorite thing today! I loved this post, it’s always really cathartic I find to go and list all of the things that have made someone smile, no matter how big or small those things might be, and comforts such as socks and mittens come winter are a godsend! And yes for dairy free too – I can’t remember how thankful I am that almond milk exists, it’s made a huge difference to my diet and little by little I’m reducing down all of the animal products I’m eating/using. Also, horror – cannot get enough of it, so I’m always excited when someone else says the same! I could happily sit myself down in front of the TV and watch horror films back to back and be content – they’re one of my favourite things. Really needed to read this kind of thing today, so thank you and I hope you’re well! – Tasha

  2. lifeasunusuals says:

    I need to find a use for the phrase “bobble wobble” in my life asap.

    You know, maybe I could do with one of these lists. It’s been a while since I sat down to ponder this kind of stuff. What was the year storming by at a rate of 3 weeks every time I blink… sigh. Time, why you do this?!

    I too am thankful for dairy-free milk, mostly for the variety available so I can add a little excitement to my fridge door every now and then.

    All hail headphones and disposable income too. I like that stuff.

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