GBBO Bake Along (Week 6)

Let’s ignore the fact that I skipped week 5 (pastry) and have gone straight to Bontanicals. I was on holiday for that week (it was very nice,  thank you) and so chose to eat pastry rather than make it. A much wiser decision. 

Note: seems I also missed week 4. I didn’t.  I made churros. I’ve done that before though. See here.

I digress.

Week 6 was botanical week and I went for Orange Blossom Shortbread. Yum. 

Along the way I learnt that rice flour gives shortbread an odd texture. It’s not bad just.. odd. 

The recipe was a standard shortbread one from some website (look, I don’t remember ok. I just typed in “shortbread recipe” and went for the first one I found). I bravely added 2 tsps of orange blossom extract and 1 tsp of cinnamon. In hindsight, a little more of both wouldn’t have gone astray. 

I opted for several shapes: stars, circles, people and bunnies. Some of these worked better than others. 

Here are some of them are pre-ovening. 

And post-ovening..

The stars on circles were the best. The rest were very crispy. Turns out that 20mins is plenty but when your oven turns itself off randomly, it becomes very hard to judge if it’s really been 20mins.. basically, I need a new oven.  

Next week, I might make a pie. Who knows!


One thought on “GBBO Bake Along (Week 6)

  1. lifeasunusuals says:

    They don’t look half bad. We went for citrus meringue pie and it fail… spectacularly. The last thing I baked was a “roulade”… what week was that for again?

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