Buddy Box Lite

Last month, on one of those ridiculous-and-becoming-far-too-regular days where i foolishly decide that i have money to burn, i ordered myself a Buddy Box Lite from The Blurt Foundation.

I’ve ordered one of their regular Buddy Boxes before and, impressed by the contents, chose to treat myself to a little post goodness.


Unlike the regular box, the Lite box only contains around 3 items (as well as the standard postcards).


The box arrived on Sunday – or rather, I picked the box up from the nearest sorting office on Sunday after our postman chose that weekend to decide that ringing doorbells was clearly beneath him.. For shame!


Here’s what was cosied up inside, all based on the theme of “The Seaside”:


A Mug

Hm, ok so it’s just a plain, white tin mug. Not amazing but not the worst thing I’ve ever received. I guess this is related to picnics and camping.. at the seaside.. maybe. In a coincidence that I now suspect was planned, my work mug recently met its untimely end so this will definitely get some use.



Definitely seaside related but not something that I’m likely to use. My niece, however, is going through a BIG sticker phase so she’ll love these.

A Sheet Face Mask

No. I’m out. I’ve got no idea how this relates to the seaside but it’s definitely a great self-care item. It’s also something I’ve been wanting to try for a while but haven’t got round to buying. Good work, Buddy Box!

The Postcards


What Buddy Box would be complete without the standard postcards. They include helpful advice, one specifically for committing a random act of kindness and a great seaside themed one.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this box. The selection might seem a little random but it’s all stuff that I’ll use and definitely helped cheer me up a little.

7/10 – would order again.

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2 thoughts on “Buddy Box Lite

  1. Natasha says:

    I love The Blurt Foundation and I didn’t know you could order one of these smaller boxes until your post today, so will have to try one out myself when I’m next paid. I love the theme and the postcards that come with it, that’s a nice touch and the face mask looks so cute! – Tasha

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