Two For Joy

As my gift to myself for making it to 32 relatively unscathed, I treated myself to a tattoo that I’ve been wanting/doodling/planning since I was 18.

I popped in to Physical Graffiti for a chat with Tasha (who has done my last 3 tattoos) and handed her my idea of “2 magpies, some oak leaves and 1 acorn”. I was booked in for 3hrs on 30th April, paid my deposit and walked away happy.

About a week before my appointment, I received this:


I literally squealed with delight. Literally.

On the day, I showed up with a bag of Haribo, a bottle of 7 Up and an open mind. This wasn’t my first rodeo, yo.

The first 2hrs flew by, bird pun intended. She made tweaks as she went along and we chatted about EVERYTHING. Tasha is such a fantastic person and puts you at ease so well that I’d briefly forget she was forcing ink in to my leg.

Towards the last 30mins, my adrenaline was beginning to wear off, I was out of Haribo, the numbing spray was having less of an effect and my legs were beginning to get restless. Then, with some final touches of white to accentuate the birds eyes, she was done.


I could not be more in love with this. She realised my plans perfectly and the attention to detail astounds me every time I look at it.

If you’re in Cardiff and after a tattoo, I can not recommend the guys at Physical Graffiti enough. Aside from being a genuinely AWESOME bunch, their skills are out of this world! I’m already planning my next one..

Laters xx

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