Charmed – A Review (of sorts)

Subtitle: The Importance of Endings.

On January 1st 2015, I began watching Charmed from the beginning. Yes, I am about 12 years behind on this but shush.

At precisely 12:57am on March 26th, I finished watching the last episode and Oh boy!
(Let’s just ignore the fact that I wrote this over a month ago, shall we? Thanks.)

First off – No, Charmed is not a great series. Playing out as a reaction to the Buffy phenomenon, Charmed leads us through the lives of Witches rather than Slayers but there are still plenty of Vampires and Demons to whet the appetite. With not-so-brilliant acting and a cast who seem to fight against even being there towards the latter half of the series, it’s not something I’d actively recommend that you watch. It is, however, incredibly easy background TV and features some of my favourite late 90s/Early 2000s bands and fashion trends. Handkerchief tops and ballroom dancing to The Cranberries anyone?

The one place where this show really excels at though is its ending.

Since a young age, I’ve always been an avid reader and film watcher. I’ve devoured entire book series in weekends, chain-watched TV series in a day and marathoned films in what felt like a few hours. I adore immersing myself in a fictional world and becoming completely involved in the lives of the characters. There’s a certain type of pleasure that comes from pausing mid-way through your day to reflect on something that you read or watched the night before. The one place that I have always felt let down though, is in the Endings.

The Truman Show is the perfect example of this. You become so entangled in the lives of the characters that the ending seems too sudden. For years, I fully believed that the ending was different to the one portrayed because I had imagined so clearly what would happen next that it had become part of the story for me. Imagine my disappointment then when I rewatched the film only to be met with the true, sudden ending. And yes, I completely understand how/why the film ends as it does just, you know, where’s the closure?

But this is where Charmed earns a place in my heart. At the end of the final series, everything is tied up so neatly that it just gives me the warmest sense of closure I think I’ve ever experienced. Rather than ending with the formulaic “and they lived happily ever after..” it takes you a step beyond. It shows glimpses of the characters as they continue through life, the way the family expands, how each one ages and changes to fit their new roles. To me it’s near perfect. When the final credits role and the sisters close the book for the last time, I had no questions. I knew everything I needed to know. In comparison, we recently watched Attack the Block and it left me with so many questions! So many, many unanswered questions.

I get that this isn’t something that everyone is bothered about. You may thrive on the ambiguity of an open ending and the ability to craft the story onwards from that point. For me though, I like clear and defined lines. I adore a good beginning, middle and end.

Endings are something that we never seem fully able to achieve in life. There are and will always be those thoughts that are just never satisfied. Not with Charmed. You know where you stand with Charmed.

Laters xx


4 thoughts on “Charmed – A Review (of sorts)

  1. acatris says:

    Have you watched all of Six Feet Under (I really don’t recommend it when you are having a down day, but it is still pretty awesome)? The ending to that series is so beautifully and heart breakingly done, and so in keeping with the tone of the whole series. I blubbed for a good long while when I watched it.

      • acatris says:

        Annoyingly I watched it when it was on Sky+ in my old house so I wouldn’t know where to reccomend you find it. But, yeah, it’s a wonderful ending for people who love closure 😛 And yeah, Jeremy Sisto was AMAZING in that series. I had a whole lot of love for Mathew St Patrick though.

  2. lifeasunusuals says:

    Endings are always where TV shows fall flat for me. I think over the last few years there have been so god awful endings (I’m looking at you Dexter)… Films, I’m never really bothered with though, because I don’t really watch them.

    And I’m only just getting into books more and more and have definitely started noticing the endings of these too.

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