Ogmore Beach

Last weekend saw a very exciting occurrence. Me and PJ were both off work AT THE SAME TIME. Guys, this rarely happens so I was determined we should make the most of it with a roadtrip.

Weekends where PJ is at work often see me take a drive to a beach. Sully and Dunraven are my favourite spots so far, with plans to venture further afield in the future. I did try to take PJ to Dunraven bay but a packed out car park scuppered my plans. Handily Ogmore is the next village along so an easy stop.


The best thing about his beach, aside from how sprawling it is, is definitely the amount of dogs. There were dogs everywhere! Big dogs, small dogs, a dog with 3 legs (which I may have run away from), dogs covered in sand and soaking wet dogs who just wanted hugs. It was amazing! Apparently though, it’s weird to take photos of strangers dogs so there are no pictures of this wondrous happening.


PJ at the beach is an incredibly willful creature. At one point, when enquiring what he was doing and being met with the reply “Climbing”, I rolled my eyes and said to a passing man “you just can’t take them anywhere!”. Said man, however, was not on my side. He gave a hearty chuckle and replied “He is definitely climbing though”. Tut!


He's so proud of himself

The day was overcast and damn cold but that didn’t stop us from having a good old explore! With caves, rocky outcrops and large streams to jump over, we had a whale of a time. I’d only mark Ogmore down on its distinct lack of sea glass. For shame.







Less than a 45min drive from Cardiff, it’s definitely somewhere that’s worth checking out!

Laters xx

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2 thoughts on “Ogmore Beach

  1. lifeasunusuals says:

    you know, I’ve never found sea glass before! i feel like I’m missing out.

    Also PJ is totally like Kris, always climbing over shit, getting into stuff and generally acting like a ten year old!

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