This is my Truth

When I first thought about it, this post seemed like a good idea. As time went on though, it seemed to be getting more and more serious. Now? Well, I’m not the best at opening up and as much as I try to be honest in my posts there are some things that I always hold back on. Still, in an effort to make this little piece of the internet a more open place, I figured I had nothing to lose. Here’s hoping that doesn’t turn out to be wrong. I’ve also tried to keep it light-hearted for these are dark times and we could all do with a little joy in our lives.. or something.


1. I studied German to degree level but can’t speak the language.

Let’s start with a heavy dose of shame!


Gotta love that scharfes S

For just short of a decade, I spent at least 2hrs a week studying German. From secondary school to university, I learnt all of the tenses, clauses and quirky sentence structures. I learnt about German life, German government and an awful lot about Turkish immigrants in Germany. I was taught German by a woman with a broad Scottish Accent, one who would throw paperclips at you if you spoke in English and one who would swear at you in her native Spanish if you got something wrong. At one point, it was so entrenched that I was even thinking and sleep-talking in German (as my dear mother likes to remind me). Then I left university and my use of German became drunkenly translating Rammstein lyrics. Now, I can read it and my pronunciation is still good but ask me to say something in German on the spot and I’ll draw a complete blank. Like I said, Shameful!

2. I’m really superstitious and more interested in spiritual healing than I admit.

For reasons I am never 100% on, talking about this always makes me feel a little nervous. Regardless of that though, I have a fairly large collection of Crystals, know the “purpose” of each one and have books on the subject to guide me. In the past few years, it’s spread to include a pretty deep obsession with Lunar Cycles and anything moon related. I also regularly salute magpies (often muttering “Good Morning Mr Magpie, how is your lady wife?” under my breath), point blank refuse to put new shoes on any sort of table and throw salt over my shoulder whenever I spill some. I blame my green-wrapping-paper-fearing nan for this.

3. I will NEVER EVER turn my phone off.

Sounds a bit random and it probably is but since November 2009, it’s a habit that’s stuck. The rationale behind it is linked to the reason for the “Powell Family Rule” that states all phone calls are restricted to after 6pm, unless pre-agreed.
The reason is this: My dear papa currently has 4 heart attacks under his belt and 2 brand new stents in his heart. For each one, it (naturally) meant an unexpected phone call from family – two of them around midnight and the other two in the middle of the day. My father’s refusal to live forever is the reason my phone is never off as I’ve learnt that these things don’t like to follow rules. It’s also a rule that my sister often flouts and my brother took to mean that he should alert us of Dad’s most recent heart attack via Facebook Messenger. The idiot.

4. I’m constantly amazed that I’ve managed to keep my cats alive for 8years.


Look at this dork!

I swear to the gods, every morning that I wake up and they’re still here I am astounded. It’s partly because I struggled to keep goldfish alive and partly because sometimes they are so gosh darn stupid. They’re house cats, which is a major factor in their continued existence, and I wholeheartedly believe that they wouldn’t last a day outside. Pepper has the skill and grace of a slug, Scratch likes to make regular death defying leaps from the top of the wardrobe and Caliban is just an idiot. For reals, it’s a miracle.

And finally…

5. I have no idea what I’m doing

Nice and vague but painfully true. It’s something I (hopefully) believe we all suffer from at some point in our lives. As my age advances through the 30s, the times when I just stop and look around with no idea of how I got where I am, both physically and mentally, have increased exponentially. I’m pretty sure I bumbled my way through school and university before somehow landing a job that I’m told I’m pretty good at. Most days, I’m convinced that it’s mostly achievement through repetition than an actual understanding (see: Imposter Syndrome). Other days, I’m 98.7% sure it’s just because I’m SUPER lazy but whatevs.

What are your truths? Let me know in the comments!

Laters xx


4 thoughts on “This is my Truth

  1. Lisa says:

    Even though you draw a blank when put on the spot, I’m still very jealous of your German skills, I’m studying at the moment in an evening class once a week after learning it at school and the grammar is fiendishly difficult.

  2. lifeasunusuals says:

    I’m with you, I’ve got no idea what I’m doing either. Sometimes, I don’t mind it, other times I feel like I should be having some kind of breakdown and work something out. Imposter syndrome is most definitely a thing, I’m pretty the majority of the people I work with it have it to some degree. I like to believe I know what I’m doing… but I’m probably faking it too haha

  3. Debi says:

    Does anybody know what they are doing?! I know that I don’t. It’s a horrible feeling when I actually think about it, like what have I got to show for me existence and all that nonsense. It’s alarming! Love the post though. What a fab idea!
    Debi x

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