January Suns

First up, I’m sorry. In an act of pure laziness, I’ve written this up and added photos using just my phone. If it looks super shit, I’m sorry you guys but the computer was all the way at the other end of my flat. I’m the worst, I know.


January has come and gone, the year is progressing too quickly, yada yada yada. While January definitely wasn’t the easiest month for me, it did treat us to some pretty spectacular nature shows. Seriously, it was busting out beautiful skies all over the place.







I have definitely noticed that the older I get, the more obsessed I become with nature. In particular the sunrise/sunset and the phases of the moon.

It’s possible nature photos might even become a regular feature but we’ll see what February brings us first. Regardless, I post almost daily on my Instagram – just search for Tallibeth.

Laters xx

All images used are taken by and the property of AStarFellOnHer, unless otherwise stated. The use of any image from this blog without express permission is strictly prohibited.


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