Hair Growth

Since I originally posted about my aim to get back to my natural hair colour in this post, a lot has happened.

First, let’s go back to the start.

In January 2015, I got my boob-length hair chopped in to a chin-length bob. Over the course of 2015, every trip to the salon led to my hair getting shorter and shorter.



Fast forward to October and I’d bashed it up a notch to a proper pixie cut.


Boom! As short as it was though, there was still a lot of red. My prospects at winning the bet with my mum looked like they were going to take forever.

A trip to the hairdressers in January 2016 changed all that. It took just 20mins and the amount of hair that fell around me seemed terrifying for how short my hair had become – but it was done.

After dying my hair since the age of 18 (13-yrs ago), I’m finally back to where I started.


Now I just need to grow it and pick my prize!

Laters xx


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