Netflix and … uh.. Netflix

With a boyfriend who works the night shift on a regular basis, I’ve been spending a lot of time with Netflix. In fact, you guys, I think it’s serious. It might be The One.

I spent most of the latter half of 2015 powering my way through Charmed, with the occasional dip in to the Horror Film category but entered November looking for something a bit less.. early 2000s. So what have I watched over the past 2 months? Well, let me tell you…

American Horror Story: Seasons 1-4


Prompted by EVERYONE telling me how good it was, November saw me finally dive head first in to American Horror Story. Yes, yes, I’m late to the party but DAM!

I got through Murder House in under a week, that’s how hooked I was from the start. While I think the first season is possibly the weakest of the four that I’ve seen, it did cement my adoration for Jessica Lange and Evan Peters. Towards the end, it all felt a little.. Beetlejuice-y but that’s not a particulary bad thing.

Asylum was a very strong season and again, I watched it in under a week. Lily Rabe and Sarah Poulson are the two stand out stars for me in this season. This is also one that I’m definitely going to have to rewatch due to certain character cross-overs.

Coven is by far and away my favourite season. The outfits, the sets, the whole story – I adored it. Having been a little underwhelmed by Taissa Farmiga in Murder House, she really came in to her own during this season. Also, Emma Roberts is incredible! Definite highlights go to Jessica Lange’s fabulous wardrobe and yet another stellar performance by Jamie Brewer.

Freakshow should have been issued with a warning for me. I have apotemnohobia (a phobia of amputees) and certain characters left me very uncomfortable – I guess that just means they’re doing their jobs right though! While the story wasn’t fantastic, it was great to see Jessica Lange sing Lana Del Ray so perfectly and Evan Peters singing Nirvana was just brilliant. Throughout the season, I fel sorry for characters that I think I was meant to hate (except for Dandy – I hated Dandy) and was a little annoyed by characters that I think you’re supposed to love (sorry Sarah Poulson).

Master of None: Season 1


This was the next series that I chain-watched, in need of a little light relief after AHS. I only really knew Aziz Ansari from Parks and Recreation and, being honest, went in to this thinking he’d be playing the same character. Instead, his character, Dev, is an endearing 30-something just trying to get through life with as few hiccups as possible. Episodes that really stood out for me were Old People, Mornings and Finale. It’s such a delightful series and I really can’t wait for a season 2.



Ok, full disclosure time – I watched this by accident and spent the first half hour confused as to why this horror film was funny. That’s what happens when you don’t bother reading the blurb before starting a film. Once I’d caught up on the fact that it was meant to be a comedy, I settled right in to it. New Zealand are really knocking it out of the park with their horror comedies of late and this is no exception. Considering that it’s from a first-time feature director, Gerard Johnstone, it’s an incredibly well cast and engaging film. Delivering on both the horror and comedy fronts, this is one that I’d definitely recommend you check out.

I’ve recently started on Making A Murderer so will try and get a review of that up soon (although it might just end up being a rage-fuelled rant).

If you’ve got any suggestions on what I should check out next on UK Netflix, let me know in the comments!

Laters xx


2 thoughts on “Netflix and … uh.. Netflix

  1. Kerri says:

    I haven’t seen any of these, but I like the sound of them! I see lots of good things about American Horror Story, maybe we’ll have to give it a watch!

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