New Year Brain Vomit 2015

I told myself i wouldn’t do one of these blog posts but bandwagon jumping is a hobby of mine and what better way to start the new year, right? Anyway, onwards!

Short of sudden advances (or any advances) in the field of time travel, 2015 has now passed and frankly, I’m glad.

Did I achieve all that I wanted to? No. No I did not. A decline in my mental health around September led to most of the year being wiped from my memory in a Prozac haze.

Still, it happened and that’s that.

At the start of 2015 I set myself, what I now see to have been, a ridiculous number of goals. Sadly, the fates worked against me and many of these were left to ruin.

Let us now rake over the ashes of my failure. Good times.


1. No Drinking – While I didn’t stop entirely, I did drastically cut down. Well done me!

2. Run 10km – Following the 5km obstacle course in April, I took a break. August saw me join the work gym but then my mental health took a nose dive and I’ve done no exercise since. Balls.

3. Eat healthier – Jan to Sept went well but the winter months and that stupid turn in my mood put me off track. I’m currently more cheese than human (Stilton, to be specific)

4. Lose a healthy amount of weight – Again, a good start to the year but I’m pretty much back where I started now. I blame the cheese.


5. Save £1500 – Done!

6. Buy a Car – Done!

Everything Else

7. Read the Dark Tower Series – Did not even start them. Shame on me.

8. Read 52 books – Definitely an over ambitious goal! I only managed 24 in the end.

9. Garden – A success! The bedding boxes are in, a tree has been removed and it is starting to look a lot better.

10. Find My Style – My wardrobe has definitely become more coherent of late (see: all black) however, a mass clear out is needed to really make a difference.

And now (drum roll please) 2016

While split over the same three areas, my goals for 2016 have a more relaxed feel to them. See, I’m learning.

Health – My main aim for 2016 is to BE healthy. I’m aiming for clean eating, regular exercise, cutting out delicious dairy and just generally taking care of myself more. On top of this, I’ll be continuing to attend regular appointments with my Doctor as my mental health care has taken a backseat in the past, carefully hidden under a layer of sarcasm and cynicism. Hopefully 2016 will see me taking better care of myself in all respects.

Wealth – Following the success of 2015, I have set a specific goal for this one – Save £2000. That is all.

Everything Else – Nice and simple, spend more time with friends and read for pleasure only. Boom. Done.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go cuddle some cats and a puppy. I hope that you all had a jolly good New Years and 2016 treats you well.

Laters xx


One thought on “New Year Brain Vomit 2015

  1. Kerri says:

    Try some dairy alternatives 🙂 You probably have to test a few brands out, but they aren’t all bad. I actually really enjoy pizza with no cheese – it’s so much lighter and you can eat so much more (which is never a bad thing) plus most of the calories in pizza are in the cheese anyway. If you can get Diaya cheese in the UK, that’s really good and it melts like real cheese – some vegan cheeses don’t melt so great.

    Yoghurts and milk alternatives are pretty good too 🙂 I like Alpro coconut and almond mix milk, it tastes really nice in hot chocolate!

    That’s just my two pence about dairy haha.

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