Cat medicine


Aren’t pets great? Just when you think life can’t get an better, you decide to adopt a tiny little ball of fluff/scales/feathers and Boom! Life is amplified.

Let’s be honest though, there are plenty of times when your pet’s are just dicks. Absolute, carnage-making, rage-inducing dicks. Wait, why do we love them again?

My cats are no exception to this. In fact, I’m beginning to suspect that they actually spend most of their time trying to outdo each others dickishness. The dicks.

Add in to the mix a stinking cold, oh-so-perfectly timed for your first week off all year, and.. well, I’m not a happy camper.


Still, my cats will look after me, right?
Wrong. Here are some of the things my lovely fluffy Bastards have done when I’ve been suffering:

Try to knead my face in to a comfortable position.
Use my head as a launch pad for jumps.
Use my stomach as a launch pad for jumps.
Attack my feet.
Try to stick a paw up my nose.
Lick my eyes.
Lick my ears.
Try to bite my lip.
Use the bed/me as a landing pad when jumping off the Wardrobe.
Run to the only carpeted room & vomit.
Wee on the bed/sofa/bath mat.
Poop in the bath.
Destroy anything on a shelf – preferably while staring straight at me.
Attack imaginary flies.
Seek and destroy dust bunnies.
Use the headboard as a balance beam.
Attack the olbas oil covered tissue that is helping me breathe.

Yeah.. cats are great..

Do you have pets who have “delightful” habits when you need their support the most?


(And yes, I have used the same picture of my fats throughout this post because look at her! Admittedly this is her “human, why haven’t you fed me?” face but still!)

Laters xx


One thought on “Cat medicine

  1. Kimberley says:

    I have three cats and one of them has the wonderful habit of bringing in live birds at 3am so you have to try and catch it and get it out the house before the cat kills it, then hoover up all the feathers! xx

    Kimberley //

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