Pink Parcel – Unboxing

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First things first, they really need to change the name of this box. I don’t know what to but I do know that every time I think/write/read “Pink Parcel” I cringe. Urgh.

Aside from the rather dubious name, this is actually a great subscription box and at £12.99 a month is a bit of a bargain. The idea behind it is to make that time of the month a little easier. Each box you receive comes with a selection of sanitary products (you can choose to have either towels or tampons) and then some lovely treats to help ease you through that terribly traumatic time (too dramatic?).

It’s easier if I just show you..


The first thing to let you know is that the box is massive. This picture doesn’t really show it but seriously, it’s huge. According to the website they’ve been “redesigned” to fit through most letterboxes – this did not fit through my letterbox.


I’m a towels kind of girl. Bet you’re glad you know that about me, aren’t ya? In the box, you get a nifty little bag with “For Now” products that are meant to be stored in your bag at all times. It contains a mix of sanitary towels and panty liners (second worst name for a product after Pink Parcel). You also get a “For Later” pack with a full 14 towels in and a “Bedtime” pack with 7 large towels in.. for bedtime. Obvs. You can probably tell from the packaging but I chose to have Always Ultra pads, this means that already I’ve had around £5 worth of products because that shit is expensive, yo.

On to the treats!pink3

I was so impressed with the treats in this box! With 4 full size products and a necklace, you can’t really go wrong!

Halo Eye Make-up Remover Wipes (Full Size, RRP £1.50) – I’ve never used this brand before but have seen them for sale in a few shops. You get 30 wipes in a pack and, if they do really remove even waterproof mascara, this is a definite win!.

BubbleT Bath & Shower Jelly (Full Size, RRP £4) – Based on the idea of the drink, bubble tea, this claims to be a “fun and unique way to bathe” .. unless you’ve ever used Lush Shower Jellies, in which case it’s the same as that. The smell is STRONG and a bit sickly, like the gift sets you’d buy for your friends in school.

Lip Glam Lip Balm (Full Size, RRP £9.99) – A bit of a wonder product, this one. This 100% natural product claims it can be used as everything from a lip balm to a cuticle cream and a split end treatment. It doesn’t really smell like anything but having tried it out yesterday, it did make my lips feel really soft for a good few hours!

Bourjois Dark Khol Mascara (Full Size, RRP £7.99) – Who doesn’t like trying out new mascaras? This is one that I’ve looked at in store but never picked up because it seemed a little pricey. With a brush shaped like a snowman (you know what I mean!), it promises 10x volume. I can’t wait to try it out!

Novus Persian Pomegranate Tea (1 tea bag, RRP £3.50 for 12 / 30p each) – I do love me some fruity tea. Pink Parcel include tea because, as we all know, a cup of tea solves everything. Well, that and a hot bath. This contains liquorice so sadly I won’t be drinking it but it’s still a lovely thing to have included.

Hello Fresh £25 Gift card (expires in 30 days) – Annoyingly, it doesn’t say when the 30days start from so I assume it’s from when you sign-up. A months worth of Hello Fresh boxes works out at around £39, so a £25 voucher is a great discount!

Doisy & Dam Chocolate (40g, RRP £1.75) – This was really, really tasty. I received Date & Himalayan Pink Salt flavour and yeah, I’d buy this again. In fact, they do a 100g bar for £3.50 so I might just go and order that now.

This Material Culture Arrow Pendant (RRP £5) – That the websites description calls it a “subtle nod to characters like Hawkeye” really pleases the nerd in me. This is a lovely, delicate necklace on a silver plated chain. Definitely my favourite item in the box.

So there you have it! For £12.99 each month, you receive around £30 worth of joy and enough sanitary products to make it through that most horrifying time of the month. If you’re after a monthly subscription box that’s a little more useful, I’d definitely recommend you try Pink Parcel out!

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4 thoughts on “Pink Parcel – Unboxing

  1. Natasha says:

    I’d heard about this recently after seeing someone talk about it on YouTube! I do like the idea of it, especially if you have a difficult time each month with it too. I know a few people who dread it each month so this kind of thing would be brilliant for them. I like the idea of there being some cute, fun things in there too. – Tasha

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