Autumnal Love

Every year I try and tell myself that I’m actually a summer bunny.

I love hot weather and being able to spend all my time outdoors but eventually the novelty always wears off.

Then it happens. August turns in to September, leaves begin to turn orange and golden, the temperature drops and I remember – Autumn and Winter are my favourites. There is very little about the colder months that I don’t like. Here, to prove it, is a list of the best things about the coming seasons.

Bobble Hats, Mittens and Scarves – Oh My!

I am a BIG fan of a snuggly accessories and cannot wait to start wearing my bobble hats again. Mittens are a great source of child-like glee, especially if you have a pair connected by a string. This list also includes big boots and long coats. Dressing like a Russian spy is the best.

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows and Whipped Cream.

Yes, you could drink this all year round, and well done you if you do, but drinking it on a dark winters night just feels perfect. Much like the Cadbury’s hot chocolate adverts of old, I regularly find myself daydreaming about curling up in a giant comfy chair with a mug of hot cocoa as the night draws in. Talking of which..

Long Dark Nights

Long, light summer evenings are great but there’s something just so comforting about the long, dark winter nights. It becomes perfectly acceptable to be back in your pyjamas by 5pm (if you ever changed out of them), candles lit and curled up on the sofa covered in piles of blankets. Oh, blankets!

Crisp Air and Crunchy Leaves

I’m a leaf kicker. There, I said it. When the foliage has finished turning shades of orange and the leaves have all fallen to the floor, few things feel as good as kicking up a huge pile of leaves. There are many times when I’ve been caught indulging in this past time by strangers, often with a smile of acknowledgement and once with a hearty laugh as a punk booted a pile of leaves in to the air. Brilliant. (Please make sure to check for sleeping woodland creatures and animal.. poop before taking part in this activity).
20141109_123047Autumnal Colours

In my younger days, I was drawn to bright colours. Now, as I stumble through my 30s, nothing pleases me more than when the autumnal colours come out of hiding. As soon as the shops start stocking woolly jumpers and tops in a range of emerald green and deep ruby reds – I’m in heaven!

Which season do you prefer? Let me know in the comments!

Laters xx

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