Surviving Summer

Yes, yes, I’m well aware that it’s getting darn close to Autumn now but hush your yapping for just one second!

When the nice folk at Madison Reed got in touch with me about writing a post on how I survive summer my first thought was “Yes! I have made it. I am a famous blogger”. Well, a girl can dream.. They haven’t offered me anything and I get nothing for doing this but the lovely warm glow of having done a good deed. D’awww.

Either way, their survival checklist is pretty cute and, after perusing their website, they seem like a decent brand with some well-worth-taking-a-look-at products.

So, how does one survive summer I hear you ask? Take a seat and I’ll tell you aaaallll about it…


1. Cut All Your Hair Off
I jest, I jest but this is pretty much what I did. If you’re not afraid of the chop, a new short do is a great way of getting some air to your neck. If you don’t fancy such drastic measures, get some pretty bobbles and wear your pigtails with pride – cute and can be used as your own built-in fan. (Take a look at their hair dye advisor quiz to help you choose a fancy new colour for the summer months)

2. Sunscreen
Yeah, seems obvious but a lot of people feel like it’s not needed for our hazy British sun! During the day, make sure to use products with SPF ratings to stop any frazzle from happening. In the evening, slap on the aftersun to cool and soothe your skin.


3. Hydrate
When the heat rises, make sure that all of your body is hydrated. Drink lots of water, moisturise every inch of your body, become amphibious and move in to your local pond, annoy your neighbours by playing in their sprinklers. However you choose to do it, just make sure you do it often.

4. Wear the Right Gear
Summer is a great time to practice being incognito. Think wide brimmed hats and dark shades. Not only are they ace protection from the blazing ball of Fire in the sky but you can use them to practice all your best stealthy spy moves.


5. Have Fun
Above all, enjoy your summer. Spend time with friends or relaxing in the garden with a book. Start a water fight with your neighbour, dye your hair fantastical colours, dress like Stevie Nicks and laugh like a maniac. The daylight hours are full of possibilities – make the most of every single one.

Let me know how you’ve survived the summer in the comments below!

Special thanks go to Madison Reed for contacting me and making me feel special.

Laters xx


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