Friday Filler

This has been hanging around in my Drafts, half-finished, for a while and I’ve been too busy this week to write up a proper post so… 

Does this make it an authentic read? Probably not. 
Do I care? I really, really don’t.
Have I reached an impressive new peak of laziness? Oh, yes. Yes. I. Have.

You’re enticed by that introduction, I can tell. Don’t fight it. Just give in to my lazy, lazy ways.. Mmm.. Lazy.

Making.. friends with the neighbourhood cats, always. How people manage to get anywhere without saying hello to every kitty that crosses their path, I’ll never know.

Drinking.. All of the coffee! I’ve been SUPER tired lately but signing up to Pact Coffee has definitely made my mornings easier. 

Reading.. 3 books at once – Whoops! I’m currently deep in to the Radical Self Love Bible,  The Toothbrush Principle and a book of Cthulhu-based short stories. 

Wanting.. the Adventure Time Dr Martens on my feet. Specifically, the Marceline ones. 

Looking.. with my eyes ::serious face::

Playing…Fallout Shelter when I should really be doing other things. I just don’t want them to get irradiated!

Wasting.. uh.. time playing Fallout Shelter. God, did you even read the last question?

Deciding.. to grow my hair back out to its natural colour. Say what?

Wishing.. that it was autumn already. I want to wear my bobble hats and scarves… 

Waiting.. for the kettle to boil. Always.

Wondering.. if you can taste your own tongue and If cats have wrists

Loving.. my bed and wanting to spend more time with it.

Watching.. Supernatural for the first time. I’m 100% team Dean and we’re only 8 episodes in.

Needing.. some time off work. I’m stressed to the max and could do with a break.

Wearing.. comfy clothes. 

Feeling.. like flipping tables because I’m pretty sure it’d be the most fun thing. Miming it feels pretty good so just imagine how awesome the real thing would be!

Don’t you all feel better for knowing this stuff? Mhm.

Laters xx


3 thoughts on “Friday Filler

  1. Ayden says:

    Ahhh I saw the new AT doc martens and they look amazing! I have a pair from the last collaboration they did and I bloody love them. Also, pact coffee – yes! It’s the best. xx

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