Monday 》Marvellousness

Howdy folks,

This post is definitely more for me than you – sorry, not sorry. My mood has been LOW lately, so I needed to remind myself that it’s not all bad and there is some good going on.

Here is that good – Begin!

  1. Fabulous Customer Service.
    This is definitely one of the high spots this week, make of that what you will. As pat of my new hair care regime in relation to this post, I splashed out on some Lee Stafford Hair Growth products. Unfortunately, the leave-in spray I bought was faulty but as I’d already “used” it (see: attempted to and failed miserably) Boots couldn’t/wouldn’t help me. Instead, I turned to the company themselves. I sent off an email explaining what was wrong and had the loveliest reply from a lady named Rachel. She sorted out the problem and had a new one sent to me that same day. Fantastic! I love how it was wrapped as well, such good attention to detail and what a way to retain customers! Well done, Lee Stafford haircare!
  2. Drink and Draw
    I’ll be honest, when Thursday finally rolled around the last thing I wanted to do was go out and socialise. I am so glad that I did though (even if the late night did leave me super grumpy on Friday). Organised by the lovely Anastasia for her American chum, Carly, we headed out to Porters to for a night of drinking and, well, drawing. As someone who possesses little to no artistic talent, it was still a great night and we ended up with pictures like these.. Sorry in advance.. the tone was low from the moment we arrived..
  3. Running
    Finally – FINALLY – I am back in to my running. I’m going every other day and building myself up to 5k using the C25k trainer Syncostyle. I’ve been a bit optimistic and jumped in at the end of week 4 but have surprised myself with how quickly I’ve settled back in to it. I’ve even downloaded the C210K app to start work on straight after. Gotta hit them goals, yo! I don’t have any pictures of me running – obvs. – so instead here’s where I run. Ain’t it pretty?IMG_20150816_083147
  4. DIY
    Saturday saw me bite the bullet and cover the last bit of gross yellow in the flat. We’ve lived here for 2 years but this wall is so damn tall I just kept putting it off. However, with a tin of One Coat paint from Wilkinsons and the need to do something to get me out of my head, I finally just got on and did it. The room already looks a gazillion times better. Now, how long do we think it will take for me to get around to repainting it blue?
  5. Surviving the Week
    Ok, this might seem like a pretty crappy one to end on but give me a break. This week at work has been tough. We were short-staffed and busy, not the best environment for a happy team. Everyone was snapping and it really ground me down. By Thursday morning, it was a mini-victory not to just cry at my desk. But, hey. I made it through and next week should see things get a little better. Here’s hoping it does!
How was your week? Any outstanding achievements or, like me, are you just happy you survived? Let me know in the comments!
Laters xx
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3 thoughts on “Monday 》Marvellousness

  1. Kerri says:

    I haven’t been running for about two weeks and it was so nice to put my trainers on and go for a leisurely jog after work yesterday. Keep up the running!!

  2. Jessica Pyreflies says:

    Surviving the week is definitely a win when that week has been awful. I had a bad week at work last week… I was so happy when the weekend arrived. Also, great customer service always makes me happy too. Nothing worse than dealing with unfriendly people when you need a problem solved!

    Jessica |

  3. Cat (@oddlylovely) says:

    I feel like if you’ve been low lately, exercising is really the best thing you can do! Although it takes so much effort for me to go to yoga or get out the door, I never, ever regret doing it and I’m always in a better mood afterwards 🙂 Good luck tackling that 5k and then 10k! I tried using that app once and really liked it… I just didn’t like running, haha.


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