Friday Free-For-All

As July draws to a rather anti-climactic close, stupid weather, it seemed like as good a time as any to see how far I’ve got on my resolutions. So, without further ado, here we go!


1. No Drinking – I’m smugly proud of myself on this one. Over the past 7 months, I’ve drunk the same as I would’ve on just one night out. Pretty good, non? “New Lisa” doesn’t think twice about ordering a soft drink at the bar anymore. Cocktails are just as yummy without the alcohol!

2. Run 10km – Yeah, no. My running has reached a literal standstill. A combination of laziness and epic misery has meant this is something that I’m way off track on. Still, there’s still 5-months of the year left and I could still turn this around!

3. Eat Healthier – Success! For the first time since I left home 13 years ago, I’m now regularly eating my 5-a-day. Gone are the chips with evening meals, replaced with a selection of roasted or steamed veg. I’ve even gotten in to fruit!


4. Lose a healthy amount of weight – Hm. I’ve not weighed myself in a while so I’m not sure on this. Clothes-wise, some things do feel a little more loose so maybe *shrugs*


5. Save £1500 – At the end of May, I had well over £2000 in my savings account. Then Slug happened. Luckily, I set up a Fixed Savings Account, which is still holding a fair bit of cash, and there’s a healthy amount sat in my normal ISA as well.


6. Buy a Car – Hooray! I’m overjoyed to report that at the beginning of June we became the proud owners of Slug, our lovely little toot-toot. She’s a joy to have and has already gotten us to London and back to see family. Yes, she can be expensive but she’s totally worth it!

Everything Else

7. Read the Dark Tower Series – Nope. I’ve got some book hoarding problems that are getting a little out of hand and my “To Read” pile is growing by the day. I will read these this year though. I will! I will! I will!

8. Read 52 Books – After a bit of a slow start, I’ve begun to knuckle down on this a bit more. I’m also tracking my progress with GoodReads now, which is a great app for book lovers btw, and am currently on 15/52… Only 37 more to go *gulp*


9. Garden – Stupid summer being all stupid and wet isn’t helping me get anything done. After the initial success at getting the bedding boxes in place, only one of them has been used for anything remotely gardening related and there’s still more bricks in my garden than there are plants. All I need is some dry weather and a wheelbarrow.

10. Find my style – I’m still perfectly happy living my life in jeans and a t-shirt, embracing the 90s grunge kid that I will always be. Some days though, I fall in to a Pinterest rabbit hole and find myself perusing gorgeous “Casual Goth” outfits and suddenly I’m trying to justify spending £70-ish on a hoody from Sanctus (THIS hoody btw). Either way, I’m happy with what I wear and the muted, autumnal colours that I’m drawn towards.


Did you set yourself any resolutions? If so, I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Laters xx

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