Monday 》Marvellousness


Right, well, last week actually sucked massively but, Goddamit, I am as stubborn as they come and I WILL find 5 things that cheered me up. Bear with me on this one, it might get a little weird.

1. Watching Ant-Man.
This was actually the week before but come on, I’m scrapping the barrel here. If you wanna know what I thought, read this post. Go on, scoot!

2. “Pep talks” with Dad.
In case you missed it, I failed a work exam on Wednesday. I overreacted to this and my poor father got the brunt of this in a phone call. He doesn’t really do phones.

Me: *through sobs* I failed my exam!
Dad: who is this?
Me: Daaaaaaad, I failed my exam!
Dad: Who is this? Lisa? Stop snivelling. You’re a part of this family and we DO NOT cry. Do you hear me?
Me: *sniffing* but dad…
Dad: …. let me get your mother.

He’s a good egg.

3. Coffee with the wife.
The wife in this scenario being my best friend, L. We’ve known each other for almost 20yrs & she is just the bestest. For reals. All your friends suck in comparison to her.

4. Chatting with my Mum about chickens.
I said it was going to get weird. She’s chicken-sitting for a neighbour at the moment, yes we’re that kind of country, and rang to tell me their bedtime routine. In detail. Seems the old ginger one has to be carried in first before the old white one. There was a LOT more too it but I may have stopped paying attention.

5. Nights out with Good Friends
Getting older is a bitch, yo. Now we’re all in our 30s and most of us have moved away from town, nights out are a little rare. Still, on Saturday we managed to wrangle a night out together. For all my nerves beforehand, it was great to spend time with folk that I don’t see enough of and have long chats about the most bizarre of things. They’re a very good bunch of weirdos.

Huh, that was easier than I thought! Hope y’all had a good week too.

Laters x

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