Friday > Spreading the Love

Without really noticing, we bloggers form our own protective little groups. On every social platform, across every network, there is that selection of others who we always fall back to for support and encouragement. I know I have mine, even if they don’t know it, and you probably have yours.

It’s normal.
It’s human.

Scarphelia feels like something different.

Existing in a seemingly ethereal world, Katie has become like a beacon in the dark and I’ve only ever briefly interacted with her.

I first found her blog around 6 months ago. I don’t remember how but that hardly seems important anymore. At the time, I was in the midst of depression and reading was the only thing that gave me a brief glimpse in to the world that I felt had become closed off from me. I quickly devoured her writing, often reading during those dark, early morning hours when sleep was far away. Her personality is clearly woven throughout her blog, from her About Me page through each section of her website. At 22yrs old, she already seems to possess a maturity that is far beyond her years.

 Scarphelia was born on the 1st January 2013, for one sole purpose; because I was done with being unextraordinary.
I wanted to make a difference, to create a little world that makes people think, to inspire people to open their eyes to just how wonderful life can be if you choose to acknowledge it.”

Having recently uprooted herself from British soil and settled in New York, her writing has adapted to fit her new surroundings. As rich in imagery as always, her words have expanded to fill the new space around her and tells tales of heartbreak, courage and the resilience of the human spirit. She is thriving and fighting and I find myself mildly envious of her adventures. Here is a woman who is embracing all that life can throw at her with a flick of her hair and a defiant grin.

I hesitate to call her writing “blog posts” as they’re more than that. Each one is an emotional essay, building a complete picture of the image she describes and moving the reader with her verse and narrative. There have been times when her words have brought me to tears, through sadness and joy. The way she writes, the energy that clearly pulses through each piece is so evocative, so.. clear. Not to mention that her photographs are simply stunning and tell stories all by themselves.

To say any more about either the woman herself or the words that she shares would only dull the spark of truth that glows in the heart of her work. Instead, below are links to a few posts to get you started.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

The Unprecedented Joy in Making Someone’s Day
How To Live Like a Badass Pt.1 – Internal
How to Live Like a Badass Pt.2 – External
The Museum of You
Upon the Discovery of Discipline
and her latest post (at the time of writing this) Midnight in Manhattan

She’s also offering the amazing opportunity to receive a one-of-a-kind letter from her. Using the New York Times as wrapping, each one will include a varied selection of trinkets, tales and drawings – all for just £6.50. You can find out more by visiting her Depop store here.

And finally, thank you Katie for being such a source of inspiration and letting me use her pictures. You truly are a badass and a bloody lovely one too!

Laters xx

All pictures used with permission


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