Monday 》Marvellousness

Hello, Hello!

Sometimes in life, we make decisions that we instantly regret. For me, cancelling my monthly My Little Box subscription was one of them. Sadly, with a car to pay for, needs must but at least I bowed out with style!

When the box arrived on Monday, I’d actually forgotten I was due to receive a final one so it was a fantastic surprise after a full day of learning about UK Tax Rules – DULL!

This is probably the first subscription box I’ve received in a while (except for my LuckyDipClub ones) where I can and will use every single item. Hooray!


I’m going to miss these boxes. Not only are they always gorgeous but they’re perfect for storage!


The theme this month, quite obviously, is Road Trip and everything inside is inspired by travelling the great, wild world. We were treated to yet another gorgeous little tote bag (again, incredibly reusable) and the standard art print. This is one I will definitely be framing on my wall.


On to the goodies!


First up is this rather snazzy travel organiser, designed by and made for My Little Box (RRP £10.50). It’s thin but sturdy, with space for your passport, travel money, bank cars and a large zip lock pocket for all your paperwork. This is such a fab idea and, as a super organised traveller, even my OH remarked on how perfect this was for me.


Next up is this delightful duo by Bic. First up is this adorable Ready to Send Notebook (RRP £3.50) available from My Little Corner. It’s such a simple but brilliant idea. With a small notebook attached inside and a pocket for a small treasure, you simply seal it and write the address on the outside before posting. Also included was a Bic Crystal Stylus Pen, which may be my new favourite way to write! Not only is it a lovely little biro but it also has a rubber tip meaning you can use it as a smart phone stylus. Genius!

And then there’s the beauty treats…


If you haven’t already been caught in the hype around Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (RRP £1.99) then.. well… well done you! I’m already a fan of this product so will definitely be making use of this when my current bottle runs out.

As always, there’s a My Little Beauty item included and I wish wish wish you could all smell this product. Yes, that sounds weird but this Summer Sorbet After Sun Body Gelée (RRP £9.00) smells delicious! It’s like candy floss and sea salt. Yum!

The Essie Nail Polish (RRP £7.99) is the most outstanding blue. With easy application, this is the perfect sea blue and one of those shades that makes you look even more tanned.

Finally, the Golden Temporary Tattoo Set by DCER (RRP £3.50) are the perfect compliment to a sun tan and will look beautiful, glistening in the sun.

Did you get this months My Little Box? If you did, let me know what you thought of the products in the comments below!

Laters xx

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