Film Review – The Purge

**Warning – here be spoilers**

Certain people are drawn to certain jobs and certain actors are drawn to certain films.

For reasons known only to him, Ethan Hawke has lately been phoning in mediocre performances in mediocre horror films. Shame on him.

The Purge has a good plot and um…


The year is 2022 and, in America, crime and unemployment are at an all time low. This is all thanks to the annual Purge – one night a year when everything, including murder, is legal for 12 hours.

James Sandin works for a company that sells home defense systems. In fact, he’s the top salesman and has the house, family and lifestyle to prove it. Unfortunately, we learn within 10mins that his neighbours aren’t quite so happy with his success. Can you see where this is going yet? Can you?

The Purge night begins, the shutters go down and then, as you’d expect, all hell breaks loose. Well, this was never going to be a film about a family spending a nice evening together while the streets were filled with chaos was it?

As the madness descends, the youngest member of the family briefly opens the doors to help a man seeking refuge. Idiot. Predictably, a group soon arrives demanding that this man be released to them. It’s worth noting that the group are clearly Bioshock fans as they’re outfits seem a little too influenced by Splicers. 


Time moves on and, hey whadaya know, those neighbours that are pissed off at the Sandin’s wealth have arrived to save the.. oh, wait.. no.. never mind. They want to kill them  too. Obvious much?

In it’s defence, it is filmed well and there are some very stylish scenes, especially once the power has been cut to the house. The characters, however, didn’t draw me in and at no point was I rooting for the family to win. Quite the opposite in fact. There was only one surprise twist, which I haven’t revealed, but even that stank of being formulaic.

Overall, not great but an easy watch if you’re after some mild violence that doesn’t require too much thought.

I’ve heard better things about the second one so I will be keeping an eye out for that popping up on Netflix.

5/10 – wouldn’t watch again.

Laters xx


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