Monday 》Marvellousness

Is Marvellousness a real word? I’m pretty sure it’s not but I’ve used it now so *blows raspberry*

In an attempt to try and stick to some kind of bloggy plan, I’m bringing you another list of things that have made me happy of late. I say I’m bringing you these but really, it’s all for me. These posts are a great reminder that life.. uh.. finds a way (bonus points to anyone guessing that reference correctly).

Anyway, enough waffle – Onwards!!

1. Catching a bus all by myself.
Jeez, you guys, starting big or what? Ok, this might seem super trivial but I’m actually more than a little terrified of taking the bus. There are reasons and they are valid but on Tuesday I smushed them down and caught the damned bus. It was hot, damn hot, but i did it and it meant I got to my hair appointment in time with an epic feeling of pride.

2. Potatoes!
After a few weeks of panicking that I’d managed to kill them all, I harvested my potatoes. I’m extremely proud of how well this worked out, especially as the radishes have been such am epic failure. If anyone knows any exciting ways of cooking/eating potatoes, hook me up!


3. Food with friends
Thursday saw us wander over to the other side of Cardiff for Chapter Art’s BurgerStock. This year the theme was American and they had a variety of US-style burgers as well as American beers available. I had the breaded mushroom and blue cheese burger with a side of Tempura Veg. There’s no pictures of it though because I ate it super quickly.

4. Mug Cakes
Holy hell, why did no-one tell me how good and EASY these beauties are? We made peanut butter ones last night and NOM! The pictures don’t look too great but there were ridiculously tasty and did I mention easy? So easy.


5. Meeting Ron
Thursday to Sunday next week, we’re kitten sitting for a friend. Pretty cool, right? Well, it gets better. He just happens to be the cutest most playful kitten ever. Yesterday we went to meet the little dude and fell in love. HARD. Ron, this is everyone. Everyone, this is Ron. Except a lot of pictures next week.


Not a bad week, huh?

Laters xx

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2 thoughts on “Monday 》Marvellousness

  1. Ayden says:

    Wahhhh! Ron is such a little cutie pie! Also, totally get your bus fears. From waiting at the bus stop, to flagging one down, to having the right change, then finding a seat, then knowing how and when to get up for your stop… it’s just down right stress/anxiety central! So high five for you girl. Also wanted to say thanks so much for your comment on my last post ❤ I was so scared to write about it so lovely comments like the one you left are much appreciated xx

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