Friday 》OOTD-ish

It’s been aaaaaages since I did an OOTD post, if I ever really did, but lately the combination of lovely people and lovely weather has helped to lift my mood from infinite blackness to more of a beige. I’m not happy but I don’t feel overly sad anymore either. I’m just coasting along in neutral, which is really ok.

Side note: I always read OOTD as Ood, like in Doctor Who. It’s good to share.

There were some whole days this week where I actually made some sort of effort to not look like I wanted to be hibernating. I even wore a colour. I mean, really!

The first outfit seemed to amuse everyone in work because:

a) I was wearing a dress without my staple thick tights and Dr Martin boots.
b) I was wearing a dress that was actually “on trend” (apparently Aztec print is trendy now)


The truth of the outfit is that I wore black jeans on Tuesday and my legs melted in to gooey puddles. Gross.

Not being one for summery clothes, I panicked and bought the first dress I sort of liked and fitted my clothes buying criteria – Cheap (£5 in the H&M sale) and Fits (somehow I managed to fit my body in to a size 6. I’m not bragging except for how I totally am as I’ve felt like a huffalump lately). Win.

The second outfit was proof of what you can get done when you actually wake up when your alarm goes off (as opposed to waking up at 7:50am when you start work at 8am and it’s a 20min walk to the office – Whoops).


The skirt is an old one, again I think from the H&M sale for cheapses. It’s high-waisted which is something I’m never overly sure of but also love because it covers my cider paunch. The top is also H&M (I need to go to other shops) and was something I bought for my 30th birthday meal last year (I wore it with a red skirt and pretended to be the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks. Yeah, I’m cool).

Final one, and this was very much shoved in at last minute: Boom! This is me wearing clothes to go to a Burger Fest (yeah, you heard me) and, you guyssss, I’m soooooo comfortable and relaxed in this. I want to wear it forever! Leggings are Topshop (snagged on ebay for £2.50), top is Primark (£2.50) and the shoes are my second stinkiest pair of Cons.

So, yeah. That’s me. Wearing some clothes. Like a proper human. Cool.

Oh, and in case you missed it on Instagram (which would never happen as you all follow me, right?), I got even more hair cut off on Tuesday. It’s short, man. So short. I love it.


Laters xx

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