Monday 》Motivation

Monday.. Anyone else got a bad case of the Mondays? I know I have.

It feels like an age since I last wrote a motivational/mindful Monday post, probably because it has been. Yes, Yes, you guessed it – I’ve fallen for the dreaded blogger curse. That old “What am I even doing?” chestnut that’s bit so many of us in the behind lately.

But, anyway, I digress.

A lot of bloggers do a Sunday round-up, letting the world know what’s made them happy over the past week and that’s cool. I’m down with that. I am, however, going to mix it up a bit and bust it out on a Monday. Boom!

This could end up doing one of two things:

1. I’ll be all “Yeah! Life is good! Hooray for living!” or
2. I’ll be all “Hot Damn, nothing can get better from here. This was a terrible idea!”.

Let’s see shall we..

5 Things that have made me smile lately (because let’s not push it):

1. Soppy cats – their reaction to the new Valerian root plug in has been adorable. They just want to cuddle and dribble. So much dribble.


2. Comic Conventions – I had the joy of crewing an indie comic-con on Saturday and it was the BEST day. I was going to write a whole post about it but I was too busy to take any photos. I suck, I know.


3. Tasty Food – After the Con on Saturday, a group of us wandered over to Street Food Cardiff and it was goooooood. I ate the most amazing chicken, some ice-cream made by what I’m pretty sure were wizards and delicious, hot churros. Yum!


4. Lady Dates – I’ve been a pretty rubbish friend over the last few weeks thanks to a bout of the blues but Sunday saw me drag myself out for coffee with some good friends. It reminded me how seeing friends does actually make me feel better, even if the getting there can feel tough.

5. Gardening – I harvested my first courgette last week and will be digging up my potatoes this evening. Watching the plants grow and thrive gives such a great feeling of accomplishment. I can’t wait to get the garden finished so I can grow even more!



This may become a regular thing, it may not. It may be that I just wanted to brag about having a cool weekend. We’ll never know.

Laters x

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