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I’ve tried to start writing this blog post 6 times now. Each time, as my fingers press down those little tappy-tappy keys, all that comes out is a stream of crap about how miserable I am. That’s not actually the right word but meh. Either way, it’s not what I want to write about because


Instead, I want to talk about music. It’s something that I don’t see much of in the blogosphere but I’m probably just reading the wrong blogs. If you’ve blogged about music or have read fun blogs about music – Hook me up, Yo!

Below are my top 5 bands this week because it changes every week and I’m sure I did a music post a few months ago with totally different favourite bands on. Deal with it. Now, prepare yourself – it’s about to get eclectic.

The Shins


I don’t know how I missed these guys first time around. They’ve apparently been around since 1996 but it wasn’t until I watched Garden State four years ago that I really started to pay attention. (Side note: how good are Zach Braff’s soundtracks?!). James Mercer’s voice is outstanding. The whole band are outstanding. I think it’s a sign of my age that I’m starting to listen to more indie folksy music but it’s not an exaggeration to say that I could happily listen to The Shins, Pixies and Modest Mouse all day. After some in-depth research (not real research) I’ve concluded that The Shins have a track to fit every mood and season. What more could you want?

Current Favourite Track: Girl Sailor.

Nine Inch Nails


As a slight contrast, NIN are a band I’ve loved since my teens and I always will. Trent Reznor never ceases to amaze me with his hard work and dedication. Whether it’s producing music for films, as part of How to Destroy Angels or back with the band, he gives his all and never fails to deliver. NIN have accompanied me through all of the ups and downs in my life with unwavering sympathy. When I’m angry, they’re there. When I want to shake my money maker, they’re there. They’ve brought me closer to old friends and introduced me to new ones. Thanks, NIN.

Current Favourite Track: Where is Everybody?



No, wait, just listen. I’m serious. There’s something about Eminem that I keep getting pulled back to. When I was a teen finding my way in music and he was Slim Shady, his swearing and controversial lyrics made me feel all rebellious. Now I’m a growed up, I find myself paying more attention to the lyrics and getting angry with him a lot of the time. Also, Berserk is just so good to run to. Fact.

Current Favourite Track: Berserk.

The Gaslight Anthem


Another band that I missed when they first started. I adore the guitars, the lyrics, the melodies, everything. With a sound so reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen it’s scary, it’s hard not to sing along with them. Every song sounds as if it was made for listening to on hot summer days. I’ve also recently discovered that it’s excellent driving music.

Current Favourite Track: Mulholland Drive

Dry the River


Oh be still my burning heart. I’m sure I’ve discussed my love for this band before but if I haven’t – I love them. I love them HARD. Way back when they first toured the UK, a friend had a spare ticket and I trundled along, not expecting much. Two songs in and I had already bought the album. The first album got me through some rough times and still has the power to bring me to tears in the best way. Their second album is more upbeat but still retains that folk sound I fell in love with.

Current Favourite Track: Hidden Hand

If there are any bands you think I should be listening to, let me know in the comments. I’m always on the hunt for new music.

Laters xx

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2 thoughts on “Monday 》Music

  1. Kerri says:

    Oooh, I shall be checking these out! I’m quite enjoying a bit of Twenty One Pilots at the moment and Placebo – I saw them live at the festival and I completely forgot how amazing they are!

    I haven’t blogged about music in ages! I think I need to sort my shit out!

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