Lucky Dip Club

Isn’t post great? I mean, who doesn’t love getting a surprise parcel through their door every month? That’s why so many monthly subscription boxes exist!

After trying a few, I’ve now whittled mine down to just two a month. I’ve even said goodbye to my Horrorblock subscription, which was tough. Now though, it’s just My Little Box and this – Lucky Dip Club.

Run by the fabulous Leona, Lucky Dip Club is like no other box. Each month, she sets a theme and then joins forces with other indie creators to send out boxes filled the most beautiful things. This month was no exception. (As a side note, I love love love that these boxes fit through my letter box. Awesome!)

The Theme: Village Fete.

The Contents:

The Newletter: every box has one and every one has a nifty double use as wrapping paper. It tells you about the indie designers involved and a whole load of other fun facts. This months, I’ll be framing for my picture wall.


The Charm: Each month brings a different charm, with 10 to collect. I’m on my third now, having missed the first two months, and it’s such an adorable little ice-cream, designed by Becky Holmes. I’ll be popping mine on a necklace chain.


The Lifestyle Items: that’s not really the best name for them but it’s what I’m going with. Previous months have seen notepads and postacards. This month we have a gorgeous summery card, designed by Becky Holmes, and some rather fab temporary tattoos from Awesome Merchandise.



The Personalised Item: I couldn’t wait to pin this on to my denim jacket but I’m  also so worried about it getting damaged. It’s just so good! Added bonus, mine still had that delicious bonfire-y smell – Yum!


The Biggie: When Leona announced that this month would feature a Crown & Glory item, I was over the moon. It’s a brand I’ve always been drawn to but never brave enough to try. This floral crown is the perfect blend of subtle and summer to let me try it out without feeling too self-conscious.


Are you already subscribed to Lucky Dip Club? If not, why not. With only a limited number of boxes avaliable, I’d definitely advise setting an alarm for 7am on the next subscription opening on June 1st! As an added incentive, the theme has been revealed as *drum roll* Dinosaur Disco!!

As a last note, I live with 3 cats. Trying to do anything always ends with them trying to “help”. Here’s Scratch trying to help with the floral crown photos, the cutie.


Laters xx

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