All of the -ings

Lazy blogging 101:
When you just can’t be bothered to do any proper writing, tag some -ings and pass it off as grade A blogging. Boom.

Drinking .. coffee, coffee, coffee.
Reading .. Fight Club. Again. Tyler & Marla for life.
Wanting .. my veg to hurry up and grow! My carrots have just started to show and it’s exciting!


Carrots, parsnips and potatoes, Oh My!

Looking .. forward to the last week of May. We have a super fun week planned!
Playing .. stupid jewel quest games on my DS when I should be sleeping.
Wasting .. time doing anything but revision.
Deciding .. that it’s time to say goodbye to the purple and pick a new hair colour.
Wishing .. I could change my hair colour like in The Craft.. or that I was just one of the characters from The Craft.
Enjoying .. The brief appearances of the sunshine. It’s good for the soul.
Waiting .. For my blood test results to come back.
Liking.. My Little Box. I cancelled my glossybox subscription to try out it out and I’m  loving it so far!
Wondering .. oh, so many things. Maybe one day I’ll write down all the questions that keep me up at night.
Loving .. my new short hair. It’s so easy to do!


Gratuitous Picture of my Face

Watching .. Charmed. It’s so beautifully 90s even though it’s mostly filmed in the early 2000s.
Needing .. to train my cats to make and bring me coffee. They’re rubbish service staff.
Smelling .. of the Sabé Masson Copacabana perfume I received in April’s My Little Box
Wearing .. jeans fo’ life, Yo. For reals, I’m all about that comfort.
Following ..
Singing .. Christmas songs. For reasons I don’t understand, I keep getting “Here Comes Santa Claus” stuck in my head.
Feeling .. A little down but hopefully it’s just hormones.
Bookmarking .. gardening sites. My Pinterest is all about container gardening at the mo.
Opening .. surprise presents from PJ. He bought me a mega set of colouring pencils to cheer me up, the cutie.

There. Done.
Now go away.


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