Spring Garden

In a fit of rebellion, I’ve started going out without a gazillion layers on. Yes, this isn’t the wisest plan for British Spring weather (mostly rain) but godammit, the clocks changed and I’m dressing for the season I want! (Idiot.)

Wales is rarely blessed with sunshine but we’ve had enough lately for my garden to start panicking that it’s running behind with its bloom-age (technical term).


Last weekend, my folks were visiting and we finally put together my bedding box. I say we, I mean me and dad did.. in the rain.. while mum & PJ watched. Gits. Still, it’s done and the Garden looks a craptonne better for it.

Elsewhere in the garden, this kind of shiz is happening, which makes me giddy with holy-crap-I-managed-to-grow-something joy.






Ain’t spring grand?

Laters xx


3 thoughts on “Spring Garden

  1. tashajhill says:

    Lovely photos of those flowers, I love that dark purple shade! I’ve just discovered your blog through Kerri’s of Crumbs in the Bed and fell in love with the cemetery photos she shared of yours, so I am definitely following! I can’t wait for spring now either, I am abandoning my coat at all opportunities in hopes the sun will stay put now. Lovely post! – Tasha

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