Four Things


Yoinked from Crumbs in the Bed and Dib-Dab-Debs because I am too lazy to think of my own blog content. Suck it up, chumps.

Four Movies I Have Watched More Than Once
Fight Club. Definitely my favourite film of all time. I love it.
High Fidelity. If this film doesn’t somehow resonate with your life, I envy you.
Empire Records. So 90s it hurts. This film is how I wanted my life to be in the 90s and now actually.
Nightmare on Elm Street. All of them, even Dream Warriors. This is my favourite horror series and I’m a big Freddy fan.

Four Places I Have Visited
Tunisia. This was our family holiday destination of choice growing up and we went for 2 weeks, 8 years in a row.
New York. Me & PJ had been together for a matter of months when we took a trip to the big apple to visit his sister. One of the best holidays I’ve ever had (even if I did almost ruin it by being Queen Grumpus)
Breedenbroek, Holland. A school trip to meet our pen pals when I was 9. It was a really bizarre experience but one I’m really happy I had.
Kefalos, Greece. Me and PJs first proper holiday together. Such a fantastic week and the weather was perfect.

Four Things I Don’t Eat
Bananas. The Devil’s Fingers.
Broad Beans. The Devil’s Bogeys
Lemon flavoured things. The Devil’s Wee. Yeah, you read that right.
– Uh.. that’s it. For ages I thought there were loads of food I didn’t like but it turns out I’d just not had them cooked properly. I’m looking at you, roast turkey.

Four of my Favourite Books
Pet Semetary, Stephen King
Little Women, Louise M Alcott
Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk
The Goats, Brock Cole.


Four Things I Wish I Could Do
– Whistle
– Teleport
– Be invisible
– Be on time for anything ever.

Four TV Shows I Watch
Buffy. Once a year every year.
Community. Yes, I’m extremely slow in getting round to watching this but I’m absolutely loving it!
Charmed. I was too busy with Buffy to watch this the first time round. It’s now my easy evening watching and 90s witchy heaven.
Spaced. Always and Forever

Four Things I’m Looking Forward To This Year
– Finally buying a car
– Getting my garden in to a more garden-y shape. A bit dull but something that really needs doing.
– More tattoos! I have 1 small one planned that I just need to book in and then 1 I need to start designing with my tattooist.
– Spending a lot more time with my family. The tiddly-peeps of the bunch are growing up fast and I don’t want to miss anymore of it.

Four Subjects I Studied at School
Ceramics. I chose it because I thought it’d be easy. It wasn’t.
Art, which I failed at after an incident involving a copy of the Mona Lisa and a chicken leg.
IT, which I got thrown out of for a rather inappropriate joke.
Life Skills, which taught me what to do if you get more than one toaster as a wedding gift. Hint: sell it. Boom. Life, Skilled.

Four Things That Were Worth the Money
– All of my Dr Marten boots. *cough* 12 pairs *cough*
– My cats.
– My new computer, even if I did write most of this post on my phone.
– All of the hair dye that I have ever used and ever will use.

Four Things That I Can’t Live Without
– Food
– Water
– Oxygen
– Sleep

Four Things About my Boyfriend, PJ
– He’s a writer and a gosh darn good one at that, even if we do have differing ideas over how stories should end.
– He’s taught me more about comics by osmosis than I think I ever needed to learn.
– He has the patience of a saint. For reals.
– He’s currently working on this GREAT project, which I blogged about HERE and you should all go and donate to HERE.

There. Done. Joy.


5 thoughts on “Four Things

  1. Kerri says:

    Mmm lemon flavoured things, yum yum! I was thinking of getting some Stephen King audiobooks to listen too, I might look for Pet Cemetery to have a listen now 🙂 Obviously you’re a reputable source!

    Oooh more tattoos, exciting stuff!!

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