It Follows


Harking back to the glory days of 70s horror films, It Follows offers something not often seen in modern horror: a well shot film with a gripping plot.

Director David Robert Mitchell developed the movie based on his own childhood nightmares of being followed and that nightmarish tension is palpable. His love of the legends of horror are also clearly evidenced through the film, with nods to Carpenter, Cronenberg, Craven and Kubrick in both the style of film and its content.

Turning the traditional horror idea that the virgins survive on its head, the only way to escape the curse is to sleep with someone else and hope you’ve passed it on. Of course, it’s not as simple that. If the person you pass it to should die, you’re right back in the firing line again.

The films led by 20-year old Maika Monro and features a wonderful supporting cast of Keir Gilchrist, Jake Weary, Daniel Zovatto, Olivia Luccardi and Lili Sepe. These are not your stereotypical movie teens. They’re smart and well-read, with regular quotes from Dostoevsky’s The Idiot throughout the film.

The film evokes the classic 70s style with its use of Steadicam and POV shots. With long panning scenes and stills of the far off distance, the slightest flicker on the screen is enough to raise the tension. This is arty without the pretence and an excellent example of lower budget horror done well.

If you’re after a good, engaging horror with a brooding score and captivating cast look no further.


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