Colour Freedom Review – Magenta Dreams

Hi guys,

For what seems like the first time in ages, I have a product review for you today.

If you’ve ever stumbled across my Instagram or read this post, you’re bound to have noticed that my hair is mostly brightly coloured. I’ve been a Renbow Crazy Color user for years (after a falling out with a Stargazer dye) but while wandering through my local Superdrug, I couldn’t help but pick up a box from the new Colour Freedom range. Guys, I think I’m in love.

Created by Knight & Wilson, Colour Freedom are a new brand of semi-permanent hair dyes that contain Shea Butter and Argan Oil to help “nourish, protect and add natural looking shine as your hair is infused with brilliant colour.”

The packaging is simple and informative, with each box coloured the same as the dye it contains. Currently in a pink phase, I picked up the shade “Magenta Dream”. I’ll be honest, before handing over my cash I did put a shout out on twitter for any reviews but they’re very new to the market. At the time of writing this they only have 47 tweets. Bless.


So, what’s the dye like? Well, let’s start with the joy of the tube being “extra large”. It’s got a whopping 150ml of product in, which is fantastic. The box comes with an instruction leaflet and gloves (standard) but also this wheel showing how, using their “Pasteliser” (sold separately), you can turn the colours in to My Little Pony-esque pastel shades.

The dye smells amazing. Like, for reals. If they made shampoo that smelt like this, I would use it all of the time. The consistency is thick enough that it coats each hair without any dripping and the colour straight from the tube is WOW.

As with most semi-permanent hair dyes, they advise that you leave it on to develop for 30mins to achieve a bright colour. I may have left it on for 4hours.  Thanks to the lovely natural conditioning ingredients, this didn’t damage my hair in any way. This was my hair before… (I actually quite liked the faded pink)

And this was after…

BOOM! Look at it, just looooook! My hair felt so smooth and soft and just goddam fantastic. The random blue bits have turned a stunning shade of purple and the pink, oh man that pink. It glows in natural light. GLOWS.

Retailing at £6.99, it’s well worth the price. The extra large tube means this could be used at least twice if you have long hair and will easily last me for 3-4 dye-jobs. If you want to go down the pastel route, the Pasteliser is also £6.99 for a 250ml tube.

You can buy Colour Freedom in most Superdrug stores and you should definitely check out their website. Although currently a bit empty looking, it’s got a great tool for testing out the dyes on both pre-lightened and naturally blonde hair.

If you give any of the colours a go, let me know how they turn out in the comments!

Laters xx

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40 thoughts on “Colour Freedom Review – Magenta Dreams

  1. Kerri says:

    I always like looking out for new dyes. I will definitely have a look at these, hopefully they are cruelty free too!
    I love the shine your hairs got! I fully recommend four hours 🙂 I always leave my hair dye on for half the day. Looking gorgeous lady!

  2. daisy says:

    I used the mystic purple today with the pasteliser today, I left it in for about 30mins and washed it out, at the front I have a streak of turquoise, that I personally think is kind of cool but shouldn’t really be there and it still looks obviously blonde everywhere apart from a few patches that have a tinge of purple, but its not even streaks its random patches, im going to use it again but I would recommend leaving it in for at least an hour, also instead of spending loads on a pasteliser just buy a cheap, white conditioner, its exactly the same thing.

  3. CandyRein90 says:

    Hey. I’ve just bought two bottles of it to try. I usually use shocking pink from live xxl… I’m hoping it will go near that colour! As my extensions are that colour.

  4. Zoe says:

    This sounds great and all but why does no one ever make green dyes?? My hair is currently (faded) green and purple and I use directions which comes in smaller quantities and I have to order it off the internet… If only they made green

    • astarfellonher says:

      I know, right! I’ve used Crazy colour green in the past which is pretty good but that was an Internet buy too. Live Colour now do a teal but they need to step up their green game! X

  5. farbelly says:

    I am super upset. I am a beautiful violet, but when I was washing the colour I am green, I do not understand why it is that pigmentation in your hair if it is not a permanent colour. Now I am fighting to get a green one of my hair is already three bleachings it would not have been able to get that green tone. I do not recommend it for anything in the world is a fake the worst thing I ever used. I have seen my yuo that pigmentation of turkish green colour is really difficult to get wasted money to try a new product, I regret it.

  6. jessie D'lana says:


    I’ve just used this product to dip dye my hair blue! Loved it at first but it’s massively faded after one wash 😦 How long did your colour last??


  7. jessie D'lana says:

    Ah OK. I was going to re- dye but do you think it’s not worth it? I’m concerned it’s all going to wash out the next time I wash my hair!

    Thanks for your response.

  8. Hilary Durkan says:

    I’ve just used Mystic Purple on my grey hair, which is quite light at the front and darker everywhere else. My hair is now very BLUE. If I’d bought Truly Blue I’d be delighted, but I didn’t, so am now very disappointed. Just glad it’s semi permanent!!!

  9. Sarah Lund says:

    I was thinking of using the silver blonde shade, with dark pink ends. Not sure if silver hair would suit my pale skin though.

  10. Kinga says:

    i bought true blue yesterday and my hair are green!!!!!! do u think i could use it today too to make this green at least more darker? need advice

  11. Kinga says:

    purple works for me lol i have black hair with bleached highlights. all i’m worried about is that my hair will fall out 😉 x

  12. Jo says:

    I used Red Poppy and my hair went bright orange. Thought it might have been due to condition of hair (had lightened it aiming for platinum blonde, but it went super brassy), so last night used the remaining dye on natural hair (dark blonde) with highlights and it went tango orange again. Obviously I didn’t object to the orange too badly or I wouldn’t have given it a second shot, but still not what I wanted :\

  13. farrendahl says:

    I tried the silver blonde last night, and nothing going to retry today but all I have is the blond that I pre lightened my dark hair to, not even a hint of silver but this could be due to the blond kit I used first. The mission to go silver continues

  14. All things Bach says:

    I am so glad you guys have had good results, sad to say I hate this product and it did not work on my hair at all. I bought the silver blonde dye and nope not even a tint (sadtimes)
    Definitely on my hate list of 2016. I feel your pain FARRENDAHL but I did it twice and unfortunately nothing. The customer services is terrible which is another downer, glad you haven´t all had a bad experience, I wanted to love it… Silver hunt continues.

    • astarfellonher says:

      The silver one is Terrible! The pink was the best one but I think that’s more because it stains the hair. I tried going silver with colour freedom, after making my hair almost white blonde, and it didn’t touch it at all!

  15. Caitlin :) says:

    I used the Magenta Dream a few weeks ago on pastel pink dip dyed hair and it worked amazingly! It was so super bright and even blinding when the sun hit off it in the car, I was so impressed with the result and to this day, around 2 weeks after its still not faded out of my hair! Which is amazing to say the least bit I was expecting it to go lighter quicker and now seek for lighter ends on my hair!! On the other hand crazy colour never shows up on my hair for some reason :/ I was going to try using other colours from colour freedom because my results were so amazing but after reading the other reviews I’m not too sure…

  16. Maddie says:

    On natural dark brown hair, do you think using the purple as a dip dye will wash out in a month or so? I wash my hair about 3 times a week. I am only going to leave the dye in on the recommended time on the packet as I do want it to come out in time for school. Thanks

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