My So-Called Cat

Bit of a random one today. My cold hasn’t gone so much as intensified so this is a “here’s some random pics from my phone” type of post. Enjoy??

So, I was reading about this test you can do to guage your cats intelligence. Obviously, it’s not incredibly scientific but the theory is this:

“When covered with an object (towel, blanket, etc), you can determine how smart your cat is by how long it takes them to find their way out”

Well, ladies and gents, my fatcat is the exception to the rule. Every night without fail, she goes in to the bathroom and pulls the towel from off the towel rail to cover herself. Then, she waits.

It’s like she’s playing a childhood prank or maybe an elaborate game of hide-and-seek. She will stay under the towel until one of us goes in to the bathroom and peeks under the edge. At this point, she emerges with a loud miaow. A miaow that says “I got you, bitchez.” What a dick.


Isn’t it just like she’s invisible? (She said with serious sarcasm)


And this is her being a purrito.


Laters xx


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