Soap & Glory Smouldering Kohl

Hey there!

Holy Macaroni, it’s been yonks since I last did a beauty review. Admittedly, I don’t wear makeup most days but you’d think I’d have bought something to rave about. Apparently not.

With Christmas over with, of course the next thing on everyone’s mind is the good old January sales. I, however, do not like people (you may already know this from past posts) and so avoiding the sales is high on my priority list.

Alas, I work in a city and sometimes the sultry sounds of the Boots meal deal comes whispering in my ear so I go to my mistress. Whilst perusing the sandwich selection and wondering how stinky an egg & salmon sandwich would be, this cheeky pink box caught my eye. Not that type of pink box, you filthy bunch.

Lo, there I found 4 kohl pencils (plus makeup bag) for only £7 thanks to the January sale gods. I snapped it up.


On the rare occasion that I do wear makeup, eyeliner is a BIG part of it. As such, I’m always on the hunt for the perfect black kohl and, ladies and gents, we have a winner.


With 4 shades to choose from (Superblack, Cocoa Bean, Blue My Mind and Aquabat) there really is a colour to suit everyone. I bought it specifically for Superblack, my trusty Urban Decay pencil having recently met a grisly end.


Application is so, so smooth and once on, it’s not going anywhere. Seriously, it took a lot of cleaning to get the eyeliner off again.

Even though I was after  black pencil, Aquabat has quickly my become my favourite, with it’s emerald green shimmer. Cocoa Bean is a close second. As the pencils are so soft, they can be easily blended for a softer edge but can also give a clear straight line.


The makeup bag probably isn’t something I’ll use but it is a decent sized gift and has plenty of room to use as a travel makeup bag for a weekend break.

Normally retailing for £5 per pencil, even at the full price of £14 this set is a bargain. As I said though, they’re currently in the Boots sale for half price. £7 for £20 worth of makeup – it’d be rude not to buy it!

If you do pick one up, let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear other people’s reviews of these.

Laters xx

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5 thoughts on “Soap & Glory Smouldering Kohl

  1. Kerri says:

    I used to use the Soap and Glory liquid eyeliner for ages, until it ran out and we don’t sell it in Belgium haha. I haven’t used a pencil/kohl eyeliner in quite a few years!

  2. thiefree says:

    Dangit, I think it ate my comment. Never mind. My current fave eyeliner is the makeup equivalent of a felt tip pen with an angled tip, I think it’s soap and glory too. So easy to use!

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