Savvy Savings

Hi there,

** This is NOT a sponsored post. I’ve banked with Halifax for almost 20-years but, of course, other banks are available**

One of my new year’s resolutions is to save at least £1500. Last year I managed to put away just over £1000 using a fixed rate savings account and it felt pretty darn good. After reviewing my finances and taking in to account that all important car that I plan to buy, I’ve worked out that I’ll have a little more disposable income than I thought. This means I’ve actually been able to review this savings goal and bump it up a bit.

I’ve been with the same bank since I opened my first account in 1995, at the ripe old age of 11. This was purely so that I could get the cool Halifax money box that was available to “young Investors”.


To up the ante this year, I’m taking a 3-pronged approach to savings. The Trident Plan, if you will.

1. ISA Saver Online – working in the finance industry, i think it would be odd if I didn’t have an ISA. They really are a great way to save a bit of money each month! I put a set amount in to it on the first of each month but you can guarantee that by the 22nd, I’ve taken that money straight back out again. Not savvy savings but a great way to afford that pair of Dr Martens I’ve been eyeing up.

2. Regular Saver – A non-withdrawal account. The sweet, sweet saviour of my savings goal. When last year’s savings account matured, I transferred the cash straight in to this new account. On top of this, I put away a set amount each month, which should mature to the grand sum of £1350 by the end of the year. Goal on track!

3. 52-Week Savings Plan (using an Everyday Saver account) – this is a new one that I’m trying this year and it’s not going to be to everyone’s taste. Each week, you put away a set amount of money. The traditional plan is that you put away £1 in week 1, £2 in week 2 and so on. Knowing full well that there is no way I’ll have £52 spare to put away in December, I’ve reversed the plan. That means that I put away £52 in week 1, £51 in week 2 and so on. I’ve included the chart that I’m using to track this below. If you search on Pinterest for this plan, it’ll show you a lot of pictures of really pretty jars brimming with cash. I hardly ever have cash on me so this was never going to work. Luckily, online banking is available and it takes me less than 2 minutes to transfer cash from one account to the other using the app on my phone. Feel free to use the table below to set up your own savings plan. I’ve printed mine off and put it by my calendar so I can easily keep track of it. If you do decide to take the challenge, make sure to let me know how you’re finding it!


Do you have any other tips for saving money in 2015? I’d love to hear them – Let me know in the comments!

Laters xx


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