Resolution Round Up


Hey there, blog fans!

As we’re rapidly approaching the end of the year, I thought I’d do the usual and take a look at how well I failed succeeded this year.


1. Run 5K. Without stopping. Not even once. BOOM! Done.
2. Start to blog once a week & promote it properly. Oh hell yes, this is going well!
3. Lose ½ stone. A small and, hopefully, manageable goal. *does a happy dance* three down!
4. Read the unread books on my bookshelf. Uh.. whoops..
5. Paint the bedroom wall. Well, no but I did paint all the other yellow walls in the flat so..
6. Buy a car. *looks ashamed* No.
7. Learn to crochet. Right, well, this isn’t my fault. My fingers just aren’t designed for the intrica.. oh, bugger it all.
8. Pay off my overdraft.Turns out I need this to live. Who knew?
9. Save £1000. Yes! We’re back!
10. Drink Less alcohol. DoubleYes!
11. Buy no clothes for 2 months. *power fist*
12. Be able to touch my toes. YES!
13. Take a break from twitter. I do this looooaaads now, often by accident.
14. Clear out my wardrobe. Ebay has become my most used app.
15. Stop being late for work. Let’s be honest, this was unrealistic from the get-go.
16. Eat only vegetarian meals for one week each month. I like meat too much. Yeah, you heard me!
17. Ask for help when I need it. I’m doing… better at this.
18. Refresh my German. Apparently I’m still angry with languages.
19. Make the garden beautiful and plant all the flower/herb seeds I have stashed in the house. Work in progress!
20. See my family and friends more. It’s not been easy but this is something I’ve achieved.

Well, half-ish isn’t bad. Hold on to your hats for my 2015 resolutions, coming after Christmas.

Laters xx

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One thought on “Resolution Round Up

  1. Kerri says:

    Sounds like it actually went well! I need to look back at my list of goals and see how I fared. I’m going to say half half too!

    Hope you had a really lovely Christmas and New Year!

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