My Festive Best Bits


Covent Garden, 2014

Hey there, Blog fans! 

Ok, Ok, I’m back on Christmas. It’s really hard to not blog about it at the moment as it seems to have infiltrated every corner of our lives. 

After a discussion at work, that led to a worryingly heated argument over whose mum makes the best Mince Pies (mine), I thought I’d bring you a list of my Top 15 things about the festive period (in no particular order): 

1. Mince Pies – and yes, I do think my mum makes the best ones.

2. Stöllen – Mmmm.. fruit cake and marzipan. Heaven.

3. Christmas Jumpers – I love them, always have, always will. You can see my favourite here.

4. Cold weather – I might be alone on this but I loooove cold weather (as long as it’s dry). I’m a huge fan of wintery walks in the countryside & layering up.

5. Snow – goes with the above. Me and my mum are HUGE snow fans and it’s not unusual for her to ring me at 5am to let me know they’ve had snow and she’s already built a snowman.

6. Christmas Socks – Yes, I do have an OCD issue with socks but come on! Christmas socks are the bestest!


7. New Jimjams – If you don’t have new Jimjams at Christmas then you’re doing life wrong.

8. Socialising (within reason) – everyone goes all out to get together at Christmas and that’s great – I’ve had 3 Christmas Jumper outings already!  It is ok to say no if you’re starting to feel a bit frazzled though.

9. Presents (obvs) It feels good to give someone a gift you know they’ll love and it also feels hella good to receive them.

10. Pigs in Blankets – seems like I’m putting a lot of food on this list. Why I never think of pigs in blankets at any other time of the year, I just don’t know.

11. Hats – I have a lot of hats. A Lot. 4 of these are specifically for Christmas (yes, one for each week of December). Hats are fab. End of.

12. Mulled Wine/Cider – Again, why do I only think about this at Christmas? Mulled stuff tastes amazing. Hell, it doesn’t even need to be alcoholic!

13. Advent Calendars – a tiny chocolate for breakfast everyday? Awesome!


14. Family Time – At 30yrs old, I’ve never missed a Christmas at my folks house & I hope I never do. I know that things change but this is one tradition that I’m fighting to keep.

15. Feeling like a kid again – Tied to no.14, there’s no denying that Christmas brings out the childish excitement in all of us and I bloody love it.

So, there it is. If you can think of any glaring omissions, let me know in the comments!

Laters xx

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One thought on “My Festive Best Bits

  1. Kerri says:

    Mince pies have to be homemade, otherwise they are just kind of crap. My nan’s were pretty darn good, she used to get given enough mincemeat to supply us all year long with mince pies. It was a good life.

    Christmas jumpers. Instant win.

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