O, Tannenbaum!

Hey there, blog fans!

Writing these posts everyday is definitely helping me recapture my Christmas mojo, so much so that we’ve just put up our Christmas tree! About time too, I reckon. Warning, this one is pretty picture heavy.

I’ll be honest, our tree isn’t great and I think we’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that we’ll have to buy a new one next year. Truth is though, this little tree of ours has HUGE sentimental importance to me.

Here is the tree in question:treeYes, before you ask the top is held together with electrical tape and for some reason it’s still very sticky but you guuuuuyssss! This tree, this crappy rust-covered tree is 31 years old! That’s older than me (although only by one Christmas). It’s the tree that used to stand on the Hostess Trolley in our living room and that we were never allowed to help decorate. It’s the tree that I used to fall asleep gazing at while waiting for Santa to arrive. It’s important.

Dressing it is an event in itself because you can never get the branches to go quite where you want them (that’ll be because of the rust). However, each year we persevere and somehow get everything to fit.

I’m a big fan of baubles and kitsch decorations, helped by the fact that my mum buys me a new ornament to hang on it every year. These are the decorations we’re working with and no, none of it really matches – except the fox and deer that PJ bought me last year.

decorationsdecsreindeer  fox snowflake teddy tinsel bell birdThat little bird is the newest addition to the tree. He’s so adorable! The baubles on the tree have all been “acquired” over the years, mostly from Metros and the Gatekeeper in Cardiff. Around Christmas, it’s amazing the things I’ve woken up to find in my bag after a night out drinking..

Anyway, here’s the finished tree, complete with some presents already wrapped!
finishedDoesn’t look so bad for being in it’s 30s, hey?

Do you have any Christmas decorations that have been in your family for years? Maybe you’ve got a really old Christmas tree too! Let me know in the comments.

Laters xx



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