Christmas Nails

Hey there, blog fans.

You can’t help but have noticed that Christmas is fast approaching. Like, reeeaally fast. This means that Pinterest is FULL of all things festively crafty and, more related to this post, Christmas nails.

I’ve mentioned my love of bandwagon jumping before and hey, guess what? I’m hoping on another one. Hold on to your hats, bitches! We’re gettin’ festive up in the hizzle!

Yeah… moving swiftly on..

1. The Prep

First, ya gots to make your nails real nice. For this, I use a nail buffer (mine’s just from a Pound Shop) to smooth and shape my nail. Once that’s done, I slick on some 2True Base Coat and Ridge Filler (Superdrug, £1.99)


2. The Red

Sticking with the traditional festive feels, I’ve gone for a bright red as the main colour. This is one that I got in my November Birchbox and is by the brand Lollipop. It’s a really nice nail polish and it applies fantastically.


After leaving that to dry, I applied a coat of 2True Go Matte Top Coat (Superdrug £1.99).


3. Sparkle!

Time for some POP! I got these nail tip guides from eBay. I think it was 99p for about 100.


And that pop I mentioned? That’s thanks to Rimmel Precious Stones in Diamond Dust.



Here’s the finished product…


Have you festive-d up your nails ahead of the party season? Let me know in the comments section.

Laters xx


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