Follow the breadcrumbs…

Hey there, Blog Fans!

So, 4 posts in a row, huh? I know how to treat my readers right! But – Ah Ha! It’s all a trick! This isn’t going to be a proper post *insert evil laugh*

Today I’m all about the self-promotion. Letting you know where you can hunt me down and stalk me.

Twitter: @cthulhuwakes – This is my personal account and where I do all my blog promo.

Instagram: tallibeth – Again, personal account where my blog promo lives and a LOT of pictures of cats.

The Not So Obvious

Twitter: @dunwichblogger – home for my horror blog, which will be re-vamped and re-launched in the new year.

The One Where I Get a Little Heavy

Twitter: @astarfellonher – Currently used in conjunction with my #100depresseddays project (blog about that tomorrow)

Instagram: astarfellonher – the Instagram for my #100depresseddays I’d love you to check it out but be warned it will be 100 pictures of my face.

Other Things I’m Doing At The Moment

My OH, PJ (@PJMontgomery), writes for an excellent site called SideKickCast. He’s currently running a series on the Top 20 Christmas Movies as voted for by well, anyone who took part on Twitter/Facebook/SideKickCast. It features some quotes from me, which I think are pretty funny (if I do say so myself).

You can read the first instalment here and make sure to check back every Wednesday until Christmas to find out what’s in the number 1 spot.

Laters xx


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