Pullover on 34th Street

Hey there, Blog fans!

Check out that bit of Christmas pun-age. (Thank you PJ!)

After the heaviness of yesterday’s post, I thought I’d go a little lighter today and bring you some of my favourite Christmas jumpers from around the interwebs. You’d better get your skates on though, the time for wearing these is shrinking fast!

Tipsy Elves T-Rex Jumper


Asos Christmas Jumper with Polar Bear


H&M Cat Christmas Jumper


Fat Face Orkney Folkloric Jumper


Dark Bunny Tees Die Hard Jumper


Society6 “Murray Christmas” by Derek Eads


80sTees He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Sweater


As a gift to PJ, I bought him this rather special jumper from The Yetee. Prizes for anyone who can guess the film*.


And lastly, I may be incredibly biased as my mum knitted it, this is my personal favourite.


Laters xx

*there are no actual prizes but you can feel super smug.


2 thoughts on “Pullover on 34th Street

  1. Kerri says:

    I love Christmas jumpers! I usually go for anything with a polar bear on haha, I actually realised that I own three polar bear jumpers… that and a whole lot more animal print!

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