Taking Stock


Subtitle: Yet Another Bandwagon.

So, this has been doing the rounds lately. You can see (much funnier/better examples over at Crumbs in the Bed and Oh! Leona) but you know me, I just loooove hopping on that blogger bandwagon and riding it all the way to Postville. Choo choo! … um, I’m sorry.

Let’s just get on with it shall we!

Making .. I just asked PJ and he shouted “BABIES”. We’re not. Really. Like, 100% not.

Drinking .. Wispa hot chocolate. It’s sooo bubbly and delicious.

Reading .. books I am ashamed to be enjoying but also some very good horror in the shape of Banquet for the Damned by Adam Nevill.
Wanting .. snow. I’m probably the only person in the UK who does but it’s true.

Looking .. like an Eskimo. I can’t seem to get the right balance when dressing for this weather so am often over-bundled.

Playing .. Mario Kart 8. We’ve just got the new dlc pack and the Game Cube Yoshi Circuit has become my nemesis.

Wasting .. time playing Mario Kart 8! I will defeat you, Yoshi!!

Deciding .. whether or not to take the plunge and get a fairly drastic hair cut. Gulp!

Wishing .. I could spend more time with my family.

Enjoying .. all the Christmas lights around Cardiff. It looks so pretty!

Waiting .. to find out if I’ve passed an exam with work. If I do, I get £100 which would help massively with Christmas!

Liking .. that it’s perfectly acceptable to get home from work and straight in to my jimjams at 4:30pm.

Wondering .. if I can get away with just giving people hugs for Christmas. I’m not a hugger/touchy-feely person so an actual hug is almost like a gift, right?

Loving .. that the colder weather has made my cats more snuggly. Fatty has even started cuddling up under the quilt again, like a furry hot water bottle.

Watching .. Orange is the New Black (finally), It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (always) and Darknet.

Needing .. psychic powers. Always.

Smelling .. like Korres Citrus body butter. It’s my favourite smell but we think PJ may be mildly allergic *sigh*

Wearing .. jimjams. See above: loving.

Following .. the crowd with these blog posts.

Singing .. Band Aid. The 1984 version. LOUDLY. And then hearing the flat upstairs singing it to.

Feeling .. a bit overwhelmed by the support for my #100depresseddays. See: Opening

Admiring .. the lovely MyRoadToMyself for sharing her very important story.

Bookmarking .. so many new blogs. Special mention to Dorkface and Hello Terri Lowe for their super entertaining/informative blogs.

Opening .. up a bit more. I’ve started #100depresseddays on instagram (search: astarfellonher) & it’s really making me focus on how I approach my often dodgy mental health.

So, there’s that.

Take part if you want, no worries if you don’t *shrugs*

Laters xx


5 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. Kerri says:

    Thanks for the mentions!! ❤

    I chuckled at postville! I'm definitely stealing that word!
    I quite looking forward to some snow too! I've yet to dip into my wispa hot chocolate, I should go start that now.

    Love this!!

  2. acatris says:

    I just realized that I wrote a post entitled Taking Stock… about actually taking stock of y’know shop stock… may have to write an ACTUAL taking stock blog post in the future 😛

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