Restless Legs

*I am not a medical expert. If you have any concerns about your wellbeing, please speak to a doctor. Everything mentioned below is just my opinion*

Hey there, blog fans.

Do you suffer from “I can’t sit still, my legs are so twitchy” syndrome?
Does your partner get grumpy because you’ve spent all night kicking him in your sleep?
Has your doctor suggested you try Indian Tonic Water/exercise more/don’t sit down as much/eat more bananas/don’t eat too many bananas?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to the above then, like me, you might be suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS).

I first started getting twitchy legs in my teens. My doctor blamed it on puberty/growth spurts/the moon/society and said that it’d pass. Fifteen years later and most evenings I look like I’m trying to reenact River Dance on the sofa.

If you do suffer from this oh-so-annoying affliction, I’m here to let you in on a secret – Escenti Cool Feet Softening Foot Lotion and Crampex tablets. Gods be praised!

These two wonderful items do not constitute a cure, because apparently there isn’t one (hooray for us?) and I am in no way a doctor. What they do do *giggles* doo-doo *snorts* Ahem.. where was I? Ah, yes.. what they do is provide some blissful relief from wanting to tear off one leg and use it to beat the other in to merciful submission.

I’ve tried LOTS of creams and tablets but these are the ones I find work best for me.
Designed for soothing tired, aching feet this lotion is enriched with menthol and peppermint. It has a very light consistency and soaks in very quickly, leaving your legs feeling all tingly and minty. My sensible brain says it’s more the mini-massage that calms my legs but this does seem to soothe my jiggly feet quicker than other creams.

I use this for daily non-twitchy leg relaxing. The scent can be a bit overpowering, especially if you’re not a fan of mint like me, but you get used to it. The best bit? This little beauty is only 99p in Home Bargains!

Next up, for when times are more desperate, Crampex tablets. These are designed for night cramp, not RLS, and it clearly states on the box that you shouldn’t use them as a long term solution – so don’t. One of these is normally enough to shut my legs up for the night. I’ve mentioned these to my doctor and we agree that if it works, that’s a good thing but we’re still looking for a more appropriate solution.
These are two options that I’ve personally chosen to take but there are other things you can do to calm down your tricksy legs:

1. Avoid stimulants in the run up to bed time. This includes caffeine, tobacco and alcohol.
2. Exercise regularly but try to avoid exercising to close to bedtime.
3. Establishing a regular sleeping pattern. Man, I love a good routine. Try to go to bed and get up at the same time every day.
4. Relax. For reals. Wind down before bed. Read a book (the more boring the better, no exciting plot twists here) drink some Horlicks, have a warm bath, these are all lovely calming things.

So there you go. I hope you’ve found some useful advice in the middle of all this rambling, even if it’s just that I still giggle at the word “doo-doo”.  If you’ve got any tips, I’d love to hear them. Comment me up, yo! …. sorry..

Laters xx


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