Anniversary Cuteness

Alert! Alert! Soppiness Ahead!

Today, PJ has officially been committed to tolerating my bullshit for the past 3 years. Give the man a medal. Seriously, he deserves one.
Friends for 8-years, we stumbled our way in to a relationship whilst I was busy telling anyone who would listen that there was no way I was ready to date. I was not long out of a relationship and felt like all kinds of hot mess. 

Still, the heart wants what the heart wants and so we went on a date, played some pool (I let him win) and the rest is history. Now, here we are 3-years on and I like to think we’ve settled in to our togetherness quite well.


This is what my heart wants. What an idiot.

I had written a long post about why he deserved that medal but it all seemed a little too cheesy. Our relationship works simply because we are honest, grateful and have fun. He puts up with my making a song about everything and I tolerate his Smash Bros addiction. It’s not rocket science. That I’ve found someone who is my best friend & that also want to.. you know, makes me happier than anything else. Actually, that’s not true. A French Bulldog made me cry with overwhelming cuteness and & happiness. PJ has yet to do this but there’s time.
So, yeah. That’s it really. Except to say:

Happy anniversary to the love of my life, PJ. You’re my big damn hero.

Laters xx


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