Holiday Flashback Part 2

Hey there, blog fans!

I’m not sure what it’s like where you are but here in Cardiff, it seems that we skipped Autumn and fell straight in to winter. It’s dark when I get up for work and it’s dark when I get home. The only bright spark is that it does mean I’ve brought out my bobble hats earlier this year (something you will have noticed if you follow me on Instagram). So, what better way to make you feel even worse about the miserable weather than to bombard you with some photos of beautiful sunshine?

This week, I’ll be looking at what there actually is to do on Kos (hint: it’s not a lot!)

The Pool.

PoolYeah, that’s right, I’m including the pool. It wasn’t huge but, considering we were the youngest people staying at the hotel by a good 30yrs, we often had it completely to ourselves. I should point out that it was cold. Like, damn cold! Still, we had fun.


Kefalos Harbour

arour2 Our hotel was about halfway up the hill between Kefalos/Kamari Harbour and Kefalos town and about a 10min walk from the beach. The harbour was a further 15mins walk along the seafront and was the much more of a marina. It was beautiful though and they had a large old ship stood in the car park, perfect for photos!

boatsAgios Stefanos


At the other end of the sea front from the harbour, around 40mins walk, are the ruins of the Basilica of Agios Stefanos. We walked there on the hottest day but this luckily it meant that the ruins were fairly quiet. From the edge of the coast, you can see (and swim if you’re so inclined) to the little island of Kastri and explore Agios Nikolaos. Sadly we hadn’t planned for this and had to make do with taking pictures from the shore.

agiosParadise Beach

paradiseAs one of the only sandy beaches on Kos, this was on our list of places to visit before we’d even left Britain. Some websites also refer to it as Bubble Beach due to fissures in the seabed releasing air, but we didn’t see any bubbles 😦 What we did see was a gorgeous sandy beach and lots of little fish. This place lives up to its name.

Kos Town

Last stop on the “Things to Do in Kos” journey is the town of Kos itself. A gorgeous harbour town, there are ruins and shops and cats and restaurants and churches.. In fact, enough words, just look at these pictures. Oh, and that’s Hippocrates’s Plane Tree in the second one down. He was pretty big in Kos.

Kos HarbourplanetreeKosSpirekosruinskosdoorkoscatsKoschurch

So, that’s Kos. A truly beautiful island and I’d love to visit again one day. Next year we might try a different Greek island though, try and collect them all like island shaped Pokémon.. or something.

Laters xx


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