I’m weird because..

As you’re reading this, I’m most likely lying by the pool – Pina Colada in hand – and doing those big sighs that only true relaxation can bring.

I’ve seen this post around a lot in the blogosphere and, in need of a filler, I thought it time I delve in to the truth of me. Make sure to check out these ladies “I’m weird because…” as well:

Crumbs in the Bed
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I’m weird because…
– I have OCD that is specific to socks. Yeah, you heard me. I own over 100 pairs because of reasons. Legitimate reasons.
– I have a very overactive imagination and, whereas I’m numb to most horror films, I can freak myself out quite easily. Do I worry about waking up and seeing a stranger stare at me from the foot of the bed? Yes. Yes I bloody well do.
– I have practice conversations with people that I then never go through with. Everyone does this though, right?


Just the tip of the sock-y iceberg.

I’m a bad friend because…
– I’m terrible at keeping in touch. It’s not because I don’t want to, I’m just THAT forgetful.
– Like Chandler from Friends, I deal with stressful situations with poorly timed jokes humour. This has rarely ended well.
– Social anxiety means I don’t actually like going out as much as I used too & would prefer to just stay home. I’m quite the chronic plan bailer.


I’m a good friend because…
– I can listen like a pro. If you need me too, I will listen until your voice is hoarse from talking.
– Something bad happened and you’re in need of a drinking buddy? I’m your girl. I will stay with you until the end of the night, then buy you a burger and make sure you get home safely.
– Basically, I care. A lot. If you’re my friend, there is nothing I won’t do for you.. except maybe reply to texts within an hour.

I’m sad because…
– I’m not seeing my cats for 10days and I hate it!
– That’s it. Come on, I’m on holiday – how could I possibly be more sad!


My girls

I’m happy because…
– I’m in Greece with my man! Woo, and also, hoo!!

I’m excited about…
– Having a whole other week off when we get back. Bliss.
– The plans I have for that week after we get back. It won’t top the holiday but it’s close and hopefully I’ll be able to share the excitement with you soon.
– My friends wedding in November! It’s going to be amazing!


Lovely, sunny Greece.

If you haven’t taken part in this yet, why not? Make sure to send me links to yours and I’ll read them when I’m back.

Laters xx


5 thoughts on “I’m weird because..

  1. Fannie Frankfurter says:

    I enjoyed reading this. We share a lot of the same “quirks.” Social anxiety, Chandler-like behavior, conversational dry-runs that never manifest into actual conversations…been there. I’m going to work on my own list soon. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Kerri (@bluehair_Be) says:

    That’s a serious amount of socks!

    I love these answers! I agree, I am a terrible friend, I just don’t keep in touch with people, especially RL people. I think it’s easier to maintain relationships with online people because I think that is easier to understand.
    I have really good people patience so I’m all for listening to you, but actually 100% listening I’m not great at, I tend to have to interrupt if I want to say something, I just don’t retain that much information and my attention span is very small.

    Enjoy the holiday!

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