Wednesday Wants – Holiday Packing


Hey there, blog fans.

So far, I’ve managed to keep pretty quiet about it buuuuuuut in 11 days I’m off to Greece!!
It’s going to be me & PJs first proper holiday together. We did go to New York a few years back but stayed with his family. This time it’s just us, our little apartment and golden beaches. Perfect!
Being totally honest, I’ve already packed. In fact, I packed about a week ago. For that reason, this post is very much a “if I was even more freakishly prepared than I am, what would I have bought”.

So, what would I have packed for our week away (had money and time been no object)?

The Practical

To make sure that all our bits and bobs can be fully charged at all times, I’ve packed 4 plug adaptors. Yes, this does seem like too many. I’m an overly cautious packer and would rather take stuff I end up not needing than not take it at all. This little gadget would do away with at least 2 of the adaptors (and I hell of a lot easier to pack!)

As PJ might find it a little rude if I stick my headphones on and immerse myself in a little music bubble, this little guy would be great! The whole of the blue bit is a speaker, so you can hear it wherever you are and it even has its own rechargeable battery! Now we just need to agree on the music..

Yes, we are just going to Greece and yes, it is only for one week. However, my name is Lisa and I am an extremely anxious traveller. This is the kit that I would buy were I a normal person. What I’ve actually done I build a first aid kit myself. For the record, you buy more than one box of diarrhoea tablets at once and people will back away from you in queues.

The Not-So Practical

I tried and failed to justify buying these for our holiday. As we’re doing the whole thing on a pretty tight budget, paying this much for a pair of sandals seemed excessive. I just got some £1 flip-flops from Primark instead. One day, pretty sandals. One day.

Oh, what dreams are these? Move over Gatsby, I’ve got a new sweetheart. There’s something so Art Deco about this suitcase that I fell in love at first sight. Realistically, the price of this case is almost all of the cost of our holiday. Alas, I think I have a few more years of using my dad’s old case with his initials tippexed on the front.

 Because no holiday outfit is complete without a large, ridiculously floppy hat. This one is such a gorgeous colour and would definitely cause havoc on the plane! Sadly, it’s currently out of stock but ASOS have a similar one in black available here.

What’s on your holiday wish list? Let me know in the comments.

Laters xx





5 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants – Holiday Packing

  1. Tiny Grey Cat (@TinyGreyCat) says:

    Oh, lucky you! I want to go on holiday! Hope you have a wonderful time. I can’t believe how organised you are! Whenever I go away, I’m frantically throwing things in a suitcase the night before (once it was even on the day) x

  2. Rachael (@hookstitch) says:

    That sounds a handy little charger, we always forget to bring extra chargers and end up sharing one between us, not the most practical! Although i’m now a big fan of throwing in extension leads when packing for trips!

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