Birchbox Review

Hey there, blog fans!

If you’ve somehow managed to go about your Internet business without stumbling across this site, here’s the dealio. For the sum of approx 13 of your English pounds, the lovely people at Birchbox will send you a selection of 5 samples from a number of high end brands. All of this is based on the answers you provide to a short questionnaire.

For the sake of  writing a decent review, I waited until I’d received my first 2 boxes. FYI, beauty blogger I ain’t. I’ll be keeping these reviews short, just like me.

Box 1


Wowee! First box was a total winner.

Benefit Porefessional – this stuff is great! It works brilliantly as a primer & made my skin look Ah-mazing!

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream – I’ve dabbled with this but haven’t really noticed much improvement. It feels moisturising though, which is nice.

Laqa & Co Lip Lube – Ok yes. I giggle at the word lube but this is great. It’s a colour I would never have tried but suits my skin tone perfectly. Also, it’s super moisturising. Ace!

Whish Body Butter in Lavender –  I’m not a fan of lavender but this one doesn’t smell anything like it! It does, in fact, smell like shea butter and joy. Win!

Jour D’Automne Non-Aerosol Hair Spray – Smells like hairspray, works like hairspray.. but it’s not like hairspray hairspray. Make sense? No? Neither does this. It’s madness but it works.

Overall – AWESOME.

Box 2


Ok, not as strong but still pretty good. One item in particular made the whole box worth while.

Tommyguns Weather Protect Dew Drops Serum – This stuff. Oh my days! I’ve tried hair serums before but this stuff is great. It made my hair feel smooth & silky with zero greasiness. At £6.50 this is something I’ll definitely be buying!

Dead Sea Spa Magik Shower Gel – I’ll be honest, I’ve not used this. I sniffed it and holy beejeesus, that is not a smell I like. Bleurgh.

Chella Highlighter Pencil – Not something I’ve ever used before. This is great for my cupids bow & inner corners of my eyes. Thankfully it’s full size so this will last me for aaaages!

Supergoop CC Cream – CC cream isn’t something I’m familiar with but I liked thia product plenty. The sample size is a bit poop but it does what it says.

Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer – This is a lovely, lovely scrub. It’s quite gentle but left my skin feeling supet clean.

Overall – Not the best when compared to the first. I’ll be keeping my subscription though and can’t wait for next months!


Have you tried Birchbox or any other monthly subscription boxes? Let me know if there’s any other ones I should try in the comments.

Laters xx


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