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Hey there, Blog fans!

A few months back, I subscribed to rather fantastic weekly email service called “Feeling A Bit Sh*t?” by the lovely Pip from Meet Me At Mikes.

The premise is simple. Every Sunday, a glorious email appears in your mailbox full of fun and inspiring links for you to enjoy. It really is rather good!

One of these blimming good links was to a hilariously realistic post on Bustle called “What I Instagrammed vs. What Was Really Happening, Or My Entire Life is a Lie” (you can read it here). It’s such a good idea that I just knew I wanted to try it for myself.

So here’s my confession. Try not to judge me too harshly, we’re all fans of the filters after all.


1. The Staged Photo


What It Looks Like I’m Doing… I live alone. My life is organised and kitsch. My cushions are always plumped, my throws neatly arranged. You wish your single life was like mine.

What I’m Actually Doing/Thinking… This was taken over a year ago, I wasn’t single but lived alone. My boyfriend was on his way over, so I tidied. I lived alone for 3 years and while I am quite neat normally, with 2 cats in the flat, the sofa never looked like this ever again.

2. The Drinking Photo


What It Looks Like I’m Doing… It’s a Monday night and I, the responsible adult that I am, am indulging in a glass of wine to celebrate a productive start to the week. My skin is fresh, my eyes lively. The rest of the week will go like a dream.

What I’m Actually Doing/Thinking… It’s a Monday night and I am drinking wine. This wasn’t my first glass, nor was it my last. Work had not gone well and I was attempting to numb the pain the only way most adults know how. The rest of the week was also hellish but god forbid I tell Instagram that! That moaning is for Twitter only, my friend.

3. The Heath Kick


What It Looks Like I’m Doing… Having renounced the foul temptress that is Coffee, I’ve found the light and now only drink fruity tea. My body is a temple and I will reward it as such with tasty beverages. You wish you were as healthy as I am.

What I’m Actually Doing/Thinking… I stopped drinking coffee because it was causing breakouts on my skin. Instead, I took to fruity teas. Only two of these teas are actually drinkable. The rest, while smelling delicious, tasted like plain old boiled water. I lasted a week before giving in to coffee again.

4. The Cat Selfie


What It Looks Like I’m Doing…  A peaceful candid snap with my cat. We’re breathing in unison and perfectly comfortable.

What I’m Actually Doing/Thinking… Her whiskers were tickling my face. Her claws were dug in to my chest. I’m unashamed in saying that there were many, MANY failed attempts before finally snapping this picture.

5. The Ultimate Selfie


What It Looks Like I’m Doing…I’ve put on my makeup ready for a night out and am feeling really good about my choices. My hair is behaving and the light is flattering. Be jealous of the bow of my top lip. You should be.

What I’m Actually Doing/Thinking… Oh man. This was at 3am and the END of the night. I stumbled in drunk, put on my jimjams and ate chilli cheese bites. On venturing to the loo, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and drunk me liked it! I don’t know how long it took to get this photo (or how I made my lips look like that!) as at the time I could only see out of one eye (such is the life of drunk Lisa). My hair does look pretty good though, just saying.

6. The Outside Arty Photo


What It Looks Like I’m Doing… I’m one with nature, out in the elements. Playing chicken with the waves, I’m confident enough to stand still and take this photo.

What I’m Actually Doing/Thinking… It was blowing a gale and the incoming tide was not as calm as this picture makes it look. Off to the side, my mum was in hysterics as I moaned loudly at the sea for daring to touch my shoes. The salty bastard.

7. The “Wish You Were Here” Shot


What It Looks Like I’m Doing… It’s a glorious sunny day and I am out enjoying the view from one of my favourite spots. You’re probably in an office. Bathe in your jealousy. Be one with it.

What I’m Actually Doing/Thinking… It was hot. Damn hot. Me and PJ had gone out for a wander on a rare day off and ended up walking 10 miles. We both got sunburnt. Due to the bright sunshine, most of the photos I took were useless. This was the only one that was in focus and not suffering from overexposure.

8. The Outfit Photo


What It Looks Like I’m Doing… Check out my body confidence.

What I’m Actually Doing/Thinking… “Do I have fat knees? Oh god, I do. How do you get rid of fat knees?” Ok, yes. This dress does make me feel pretty good about myself but can we take a moment to look at the amount of blurring in play? You can’t even make out my face properly, such is that great body confidence I’m portraying. And those knees. We shan’t ever talk about my knees again.

9.The Quirky Clothes Photo


What It Looks Like I’m Doing… I’m fun-loving and body confident (again!). Boys want to be with me because I’m verging on Manic Pixie Dream Girl territory in these leggings and girls want to be me because I’m confident enough to wear them with a short vest.

What I’m Actually Doing/Thinking… Honestly, this is the one and only time I have ever worn these leggings. I had recently turned 30 and was trying to cling on to the remnants of my youth. But it’s not that I don’t love them, because I really do. It’s because they are horribly tight on the ankles to the point that they were cutting off the circulation to my feet. I blame my fat knees.

10. The Truth


What It Looks Like I’m Doing… I really like snails and have collected these from around the garden, just because.

What I’m Actually Doing/Thinking… I really like snails and have collected these from around the garden, just because.


Does all of the above mean I’m going to rethink the pictures that I post to Instagram? Probably not but I do try and use less filters now. Social networking is responsible for causing people to suffer from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), something that I know I have. We present our selves as these perfect ideals. All filters and angles and lighting. We haven’t really moved on from the days of the MySpace Angle, we’ve just given it a new name.  Do you portray the truth in your photos? Or are you living an Instagram lie too?

Let me know in the comments and maybe take this challenge yourself. Just make sure to link me to it if you do!

Laters xx


4 thoughts on “Instagram Realness

  1. acatris says:

    I’ve only just really started on Instagram so am learning the ins and outs (how, as an artist, I didn’t use it before I have no idea!) But I’ve been falling prey to the life of the selfie and OOTD, though I do find it does help my body confidence (and gives me an excuse to make an effort on days where I would usually wear my pajamas). If anything trying to stay honest (food, clothes, tidiness etc) is keeping me in check a little 😛

    • astarfellonher says:

      Hooray! I totally get the body confidence thing and have fallen in to the ootd trap as well, many times! It’s all about moderation though. I rarely wear makeup in irl but dont like how my naked face looks in photos.. Madness!!

  2. Kerri says:

    Hehe I loved this post! I’m kind of terrible at instagram, I like to post my photos on their because I think they are better than my face 🙂 I try to only upload photos from my phone to instagram but if I’m carrying my camera then I don’t do both, that seems like too much effort to go from camera, to laptop to phone.

    I do like this as a post idea though! I might have a look through what photos I’ve got and do something similar.

  3. birdiecanfly says:

    Love this, Lisa!
    And I love Meet Me at Mike’s! I’ve actually been there IRL. It’s a gorgeous little shop in Melbourne. Must go back sometime, thanks for the reminder!

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