July Round Up

Hey there, Blog fans!

*insert clichéd comment about how the year is passing by so quickly here*

Yep, we’re in August now. This is real. Deal with it.
But what, you may be (but are probably not) asking yourself, did I do in July? Well, let me show you..

Cue Picture Roll!!


1. We ate out. A lot.


Pieminister, The Pear Tree, La Vita, Mt Fuji, home cooked curries and a man sets fire to some chicken

2. I took a trip back to the Forest of Dean for a few days


This is right outside my parents house. Perfect.

3. I took part in the Gala Darling #RadicalSelfLove July Project on Instagram


So Many Pictures…

4. I started #lisagetsfit (blogged about here) and now do Boxercise every Tuesday and then run three times a week through some gorgeous Cardiff parks.


5. We finally got a new fence!


6. We went to Penarth Pier and skipped stones in the sunshine


I also…

~ Took LittleCat to the vets as she had a nasty bout of Conjuntivitis..

~ Went out drinking with some fabulous ladies and consumed my body weight in cider & chilli cheese bites..

~ Spent a lot of time baking in the garden..

~ Went for a lot of long walks…

~ Broke my spending ban for some much needed short jimjams…

~ Discovered Lee Stafford Hair Growth Conditioning Mask and how oh-so-good it makes my hair feel..

~ Received my first Birch Box..

I hope you had an excellent June too!

Laters xx


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